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hello virtual people I am Paris I am new to this form I am 26 will be 27 I have been lacto Vegetarian for 3 years and a few months I am working to transitioning to vegan all the way right now I am doing this raw til 4 well trying to the thing is I struggle with cheese and I am doing my best to stay away from it. but anyways I live in a small town not a lot of people here that are vegan or who live the life style . so I figured I would take it to social media and see if I meet people and hopefully I do .

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/15/16 11:50:37

    If one of your motivations is ethics (the cruelty to animals involved), the dairy industry is arguably worse than the beef industry.

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    Posted by happybettie at 06/15/16 13:36:50

    It's difficult to stop eating animal food. Without meat I can live, it's not a problem. But tasty cheese make me crazy.

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    Posted by CollinMcR at 06/15/16 15:07:23

    at least, if you can, get it from local farmers and stores where u can visit and see how they treat their animals?

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    Posted by Angof at 06/16/16 08:25:40

    Hello and welcome to the forum/blog.
    Every small step you take towards veganism is a step in the right direction. Do not worry so much about what others may/may not think about you; know that you are doing something good for the animals, the planet and your mental, physical & spiritual well-being.
    Inspire and be inspired, Nige

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 06/19/16 04:03:41

    Hi Parisshaye688!

    Instead of trying to find substitutes for cheese, another strategy would be to find plant foods you really enjoy. I love hummus, and will put that on pizzas, in pitas, or with raw veggies instead of cheese. I also like creamy things, so I often blend tofu with a banana and cocoa powder for a creamy high protein pudding. Nuts and seeds often help when you crave cheese. Whole raw or roasted nuts have a similar salty/sweet taste as cheese. You can do a lot with cashews and blanched almonds..."alfredo sauce", cashew "cheese" sauce, cashew or almond mayonnaise (I blend almonds or cashews, coconut milk, cider vinegar, turmeric, and a pinch of maple syrup to make homemade vegan mayo). Sliced avocado and tomato in a grilled sandwich is great too! Keep it simple and your taste buds change over time, so that the textures and tastes of plant foods without a lot of processed crap on them taste so good! I can really appreciate the taste and satisfaction of a ripe and tart mango, or just plain mashed sweet potato or squash, or starchy raw jicama.

    Have you ever looked into There are vegan Meetup groups popping up all over. Even if there is not one in your city, there might be one in a nearby city or town. Never hurts to check! There are more vegans out there than you think!

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    Posted by Parisshaye688 at 06/20/16 02:47:57

    Robinwomb thanks so much for the advise and I will def try those things I know this will be a journey for me but I wabt to do this with all my heart and I can do it I have not ate meat in 3 years I just don't know why cheese is such a challnage for me but I am really trying I will looking in to the meeting grouos that will be so cool if one is near my area thank you

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/16 12:32:01

    We've known for years that many foods, including dairy products, are addictive.

    Famed activist Cesar Chavez remarked years ago that removing dairy products from one's diet will save more animals from suffering and death than removing beef.

    Please check out my Profile and perhaps go to my website and see my book, "The Weaning of America"...

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