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My name is Jessica and I'm reallly new to Veganism. And when I say new, I mean new new. I really feel like I've been living with my eyes wide shut, blissfully unaware of animal suffering. Well actually no, I was aware, I thought that buying organic chicken and "cage-free" eggs made it okay. I was wrong. So so so wrong. And now I'm absolutely committed to living a lifestyle that is harmless to animals. At first I had decided I would just go vegetarian, because eggs and dairy don't hurt the animals right? No one dies, right? I was wrong. I decided to make the jump to veganism. I know, there are a ton of people that start being a vegetarian/vegan.. and it last for a day, maybe a week, maybe even a month before they give up. I genuinely think I won't go back. The thought of it makes me physically sick. Anywayyyyys, I digress, hi! What I would really like are some meal suggestions for people who like things plain, just a few ingrediants. I'd also like any tips for people who are just starting out. Thanks!!!

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    Posted by VegetarianDance at 04/13/13 04:39:29

    Hello Jessica! I'm Maddie and I'm new to vegetarianism.....I just feel like I've opened my eyes to what slaughterhouses really are, and other horrors.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 04/15/13 12:08:42

    Welcome to happycow both of you. Dotty I hope you don't go back either. If your eating right and keep active in the vegan community I know you won't go back. Some suggestions to a new vegan is I recommend eating the substitutes. Animal products are addictive and you should treat this like a rehab. You need the substitutes to get unaddicted. When you have been vegan for a while you won't have any craving at all and won't need them. (but you can still have them they are made of plants)The best vegan cheese is daiya. As a vegan make sure you read the ingredients and research anything on there you don't know before eating it. @vegetariandance at best vegetarianism is a step towards veganism but, you don't need the steppingstones You can just be vegan. I recommend watching this speech:
    Gary's Speech at GA Tech ?

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