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Hi everyone hope you're all well.

My name is Wolf I'm 28 and from England.

I am a meat eater and have been my whole life but I have decided to try Veganism for 30 days for a start.

I know this doesnt sound like much but for me it is a massive step as don't know anyone who is vegetarian let alone vegan!

There are many reasons I want to go vegan which I go into at another time as it is very late here but just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi as I am starting as of tomorrow!

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    Posted by wildrose at 05/22/17 08:25:24

    Good on you, I'm sure you'll enjoy being vegan.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 05/22/17 15:09:18

    Thewolf, Welcome to the site ☺. Good on you for going vegan. I personally have been vegetarian since I was nine and have tried veganism on and off.

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    Posted by ILuvMyPetz at 08/30/17 15:07:05

    Good for you! No matter what happens don't beat yourself up over it! Love yourself, and look at how far you came instead of how far you have to go. :)

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