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Hi folks,
Just introducing myself. I am a vegan (10 years and counting) I was vegetarian for 1 year and then I witnessed a cow with calving paralysis and she and her calf died. Her name is Scarlett and she changed my life forever. From this experience I decided to make a film about veganism in 2005 and finished the film in 2008. The film is called A Delicate Balance and I produced and directed it. I am documentary filmmaker and make films about AR and social justice issues. I currently live in Australia but I grew up in CA and hope to return there to live again in the future.

Aaron (:

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/16 12:24:20


    Your story is not atypical. It often takes the experience of seeing violence and/or suffering up close to open one's mind.

    Congratulations on your film. I hope does well!

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    Posted by Danielle at 06/29/16 15:44:32


    I can relate to your story, as my favorite animal is the cow... It saddens me to think of any animal being harmed or mistreated...

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