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I am not a veggie and was just wondering what fruits and veg do you buy. As a meat eater I buy organic because of its impact on the environment but as vegans how do you avoid crops especially organic that are widly fertilised using bone meal and blood meal both slaughter house by products.

I was just wondering how you overcome this hurdle as all fruit and veg that I have seen in greengroses and supermarkets does not seem to lable what fertilizers are used, just wether they are grown organicly or conventionaly.

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    Posted by jimbobbob at 05/29/15 04:13:00

    I am not sure how all of you will take this post. I am not trying to say that vegetarianism is wrong, i am just curious that is all. i did consider pretending to be veggie but i thought this was dishonest and chose to be honest, i did try pro con websites but the users got to militant I came to a site like this to get the views of true veggies without an agenda.

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    Posted by chalybeus at 06/20/15 16:44:46

    Life is imperfect, but one can always choose to move more closely to what is good/right. I believe good is associated with minimising suffering. I explain it like an equation, eating X food has certain positives and certain negatives. I try to make the positives I perceive outweigh the negatives I perceive. Thus I choose to eat a vegan diet because of the animal welfare issues associated with current forms of food production, which again and again prove to be unable to treat other animals with respect for the fact that they can feel. In Australia the way animals are treated is unacceptably negative to me. Industry keeps bowing out of taking moral responsibility for what they do saying that if the consumer was really concerned they would not buy their products. I choose not to buy the products that directly support their industries. I know that many vegetables are grown using animal by-products for fertilizer (ie: blood and bone/fish-meal), but these fertilizer products are cheap because they are by-products of the meat industry. If people chose not to eat meat than other options such as green manure/compost etc. would become more economically viable. I don't see my dietary choices as a perfect solution but a step in the right direction. In my opinion being vegan is a luxury that everyone in developed urban societies ought to take, because within the current economic/social system it reduces suffering and environmental degradation. If I was to live within a food ecosystem where sustainability depended on inputs of other animals, as people in peasant societies did/do or if my food came from an aquaponic system than I would re-assess my diet and might make alterations.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/21/15 05:11:42

    Step # 1 - Believe very little of what you see on television about food. TV content is determined by corporations, including the food giants.

    Even "organic" meat is an inefficient way to provide for humans in general.

    "Users to (SP) militant"? Militant=aggressive. If I were "militant" about ending domestic abuse, I'd be "doing good work"...but if I'm militant about abuse of animals in agriculture, I'm "to" militant?

    My primary reasons for being a 99% vegan...

    Concern for my health.
    Concern for the environment.
    Concern for humans without access to food/water.
    Concern for the animals that die by the millions daily on factory farms and slaughterhouses.

    These do not matter to most people, thanks to corporate brainwashing and hidden truths.

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    Posted by ankacitah at 06/22/15 13:23:15

    I agree with ahimsa and can add respect for life.

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