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I know it's a bit of a macabre subject line, but it describes the situation best. The last years, I have slowly let my health deteriorate into something that has nearly immobilized me. I can hardly walk, tired day and night, often depressed, very low libido and always feeling sick. I've gained a huge amount of weight over the last 2 to 3 years. I'm talking at least 30 kg.

I've tried many different ways to lose weight but I'm always going up, instead of down. What to do next? Try another diet?

Today, I watched "what the health" on Netflix. Boy, did my eyes open. I recognized situation immediately. I think that it's the change that I've been looking for. I registered here as a vegetarian. The truth is that I had meat for dinner, but I can say with 100% certainty, that it was my last meal as a carnivore.

If I don't make a 360-degree change today, I might not make it till the end of the year. I signed up for an account because I don't know if I can do this alone. I don't know any vegetarians. Tomorrow will be a new day and I have no idea what to eat. I have only processed food at home.

Tomorrow morning I'll wake up and will go to work. it's next to a supermarket and I can buy my breakfast and lunch there. I could do with some tips. :-) I'll try to find some ideas on the website too.

Just a few things about me. I'm male 47, 187cm and 140kg. I need to lose at least 40kg. But I now think that my first goal should be eating healthy and weight loss will be a consequence of that.

Another important thing to know about me is that I stopped smoking many years ago. I failed many times because I just didn't have the willpower. When I finally succeded it was not because of willpower. Rather, it was because I understood how stupid it was and that (instead of not being allowed too) I didn't have to smoke anymore.

This might be important. Because If I adopt the same view towards meat, it might be easier than I now dare to hope for.

Lastly, it would be great to get into contact with all kinds of people. I'm very eager and open to learning about other people's lifestyles.


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    Posted by TARAMCDONALD at 06/29/17 19:19:51

    Hey Paul,

    I'm also watching "What the Health" and its really scary! I've recently turned vegan after watching another documentary Food choice!

    You know what being vegetarian is really easy once you get used to it and you don't even miss eating meat or fish after a few weeks.

    Not sure if you like cooking at all, I was a terrible cook until I found a website called "Deliciously Ella" there is a youtube channel too which shows you how to make fresh delicious food step by step. What I love about Deliciously Ella was that was actually ill and reversed her illness from adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle.

    Eating out is usually easy as a vegetarian, I normally choose Italian as there's loads of veggie choices pizza, pasta (meat and fish free). If you want to go vegan Lebanese has loads of options.

    here's a youtube link about starting this new lifestyle. There a loads more on youtube to give information and to help guide you :)

    Its a new adventure so don't be hard on yourself, keep trying new foods till you find the things you really enjoy.

    Let me know if you have any questions, congratulations and good luck! xxx

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    Posted by TARAMCDONALD at 06/29/17 19:21:45

    PA super easy meal is pasta, best is pasta made from organic Brown rice (tastes the same as normal pasta) but better for you. You can buy vegan pesto or pasta sauce or make your own. Super tasty, cheap and filling. x

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    Posted by marlicious at 06/30/17 06:08:07

    An important thing is that you shouldn't let meat eaters discourage you. It's your choice and certainly a better one than theirs.

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    Posted by NowOrNever at 06/30/17 06:29:03

    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for all that good looking information. I found the documentary on youtube and will watch it today.

    The Vegan idea has gotten me pretty excited. It could explain why diets just don't work. io, make you feel better. If you keep eating the same poisonous things, be it in lower dosages, it will not make you better.

    And that's the thing. Why keep dieting if you still feel bad anyway? There is absolutely no positive stimulation. If eating Vegan would change the way my body feels. Sick less and that general feeling of discomfort that would be a great start. I'm not even talking about healing certain ailments, which I actually believe could disappear too over time. Just feeling less bad than I normally do with be a great sign for me and a positive stimulus.

    The whole cooking thing is daunting. The website you suggested looks awesome and the food pretty delicious. Luckily, I don't have to worry about this too much in the beginning.

    Here in Prague, it seems like there is something vegan around every corner. Across from my office, there is a "Loving Hut" where I went for the first time yesterday. The food was very diverse. Lunch was 6 Euros. That's less than a KFC or Mc D menu. I ate only half during lunch and the other half directly after finish working.

    After work, I went back to "Loving Hut." In the same building, there is a Vegan shop, and I needed some supplies for today. It's my free day, so I wanted to buy food for the day. This was not easy. Let's see how today goes. But with the website It should be possible to come up with some good food to cook myself on the days I'm not working.

    The only disappointment was the man working in the Vegan shop. I told him I was new to eating Vegan, and he didn't help much. I mean, the store was empty, so I would have liked a short tour through the shop where he could explain something about the different things they sold. Not sure if I was too demanding, but I don't think so.

    I also have a Juicer and blender. Hardly used I might add. It would be interesting to see what can be done with that. But juices can also be bought in the same building as Loving Hut and the vegan store.

    Again, thanks for the reply and sorry for the many "i" "i" "i"s in the text. :-)


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    Posted by NowOrNever at 06/30/17 06:32:16

    I know that many if not most Vegans are thinking about animal cruelty too. I would be a hypocrite if I would say that I do too. This topic has never crossed my mind. But since I'm here I will get better educated about that too.

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    Posted by NowOrNever at 06/30/17 06:38:16

    Hi marlicious,

    Interesting you say that. There already was a lot of discussion about it at work yesterday. But most people have just not educated themselves and don't know better than what the mainstream thinks about food.

    Some colleagues made claim after claim that I now believe/know not to be true. But I don't want to be that guy. I will not try to spread the gospel. My friends, even if they keep eating what the eat, are very supportive and they know, I needed a radical change.

    But very good point!

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