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Just sort of putting a feeler out there to Veggies or Vegans that are living in/near Calgary, AB. Maybe share some recipe ideas, veggie restaurant or shop suggestions, and eventually maybe get together!

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    Posted by Jasmine_tea at 06/03/08 15:14:33

    Hello Beetle.babe!
    My name is Jasmine and I am a vegan living in Calgary! Concerning restaurants, after being told countless times at Earls that all I could eat was steamed vegetables, I gave up on the whole casual dining scene and moved on up--and I'll never go back! At higher class restaurants where the chefs can actually cook, they love when a vegan customer comes in so that they can show off their culinary skill. I've recently had vegan meals prepared for me at Alloy, Blink, and La Chaumiere and I look forward to trying many other restaurants soon! The only drawback is the prices...but if your wallet's feeling the strain there's always The Coup!

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