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It is bothersome to me that to this day and age humankind, our government kills wolves. The aerial killings are just senseless and for what?! From what I have understood it to be population control. But nature takes care of that itself. Why do we need to be the ones to cleanse nature, or kill the animals because we only want a certain number of wolves, or certain number coyotes in a certain area. How is this legal, and is there something that can be done? How can we continue to look at wolves as evil beings or predators that are out to get any animal that walks the land. For centuries we have wiped out the population of wolves, but all this nonsense needs to stop. If there is something that we can do, especially the government from killing them, I will be the first one in line.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 02/10/16 02:33:44

    If you google "wolf protection", you will find a number of organizations fighting to end hunting of wolves. I have gone to several protests as a citizen of Minnesota against the legalizing of hunting wolves.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/10/16 07:15:12

    Watch the film " No one's child" based on the true story. It's a beautiful story with wolves in it !

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    Posted by anahidscv at 02/16/16 12:06:07

    Thank you.

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    Posted by Bluecheese at 03/08/16 01:26:31

    I think, wolves are the largest member of the dog's family. For me, like any other animals, they should be treated with respect.

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