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In September 2010 the following animals died in UK slaughterhouses*:

218,000+ adult cattle
7,000 calves
1,280,000+ sheep & lambs
728,000+ pigs (excluding breeding sows and boars: DEFRA states figures for these are "confidential")
68.8 million chickens
1.1 million turkeys

Figures exclude other species and animals exported for slaughter.

*Source: DEFRA, October 2010

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    Posted by Stevie at 10/27/10 12:55:08

    This below is an email response on the forum in which I first received the info in the original post.

    DEFRA pull together lots of detailed (if horrifying) figures on a regular basis. You can find them here...

    A few things to note about the figures from September below... Firstly, it only covers a 4 week period, so the actual numbers for the calendar month of September will be approximately 8-10% higher. Secondly, they omit livestock
    killed at birth, not for food but as waste, outside the slaughterhouse system. In particular, unwanted calves (largely male, but some female) and unwanted chicks (overwhelmingly male) are not counted, and these figures can only be estimated. They are likely to number somewhere around an extra million calves per year, and an additional 30-35 million chicks per year, in the UK alone. Also, the sows and boars figures are only confidential for three months, so you can easily estimate the missing figure is likely to be an additional 15-20,000 for September 2010, based upon preceding months.

    Lastly, fish are the biggest omission. The only figures ever collated are catch weights, but not numbers of actual fish. But if the UK's ~1% of the world's population, eats ~1% of the world's fish, then that is probably an annual figure of 10-20 billion fish killed in the UK


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