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I am sure many people are so disgusted about pet foods they feed to their companion animals.
Problem of having cats and dogs is most people feed sickening gruesome rendering plant products to their companion animals.
What is solution?
Vegan cat(or dog) foods?
Which one is best vegan cat(or dog foods)?

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    Posted by Andria87 at 01/23/11 16:18:05

    I am fairly sure you can not give cats a Vegan diet, due to the need for Taurine in there diet,

    do not hold me to that as there may be alternatives.

    My Gsp eats a high quantity of Vegetarian food in comparison to the meat he consumes, but i opt for Raw Kosher Meats over Dry dog food.

    the same with Cat food, Dry food is not nescesarry, you can give them Raw food!
    Dry foods contain High quantities of Animal By product, Which is not fit for Human consumption.
    Kosher Meats (Generally) are Slaughtered humanly, and are a much better option than normal Butchers.

    If you have the option to have Meat killed by someone you know who owns Cattle it would probably be even better.

    If we cant stop our Pets diet from containing Meat then we should atleast control how humanly the Animal is treated! Finding Meat close to home where the Animal has not had to travel hours in over crowded trucks suffering injuries and stress,

    Also most dry foods (apart from the fact there is disgusting tests apprently going on with them) Contain Ingerdients that are not in Domesticated Animals Best Interests.

    Beef, Chicken, Wheat and Corn are the 4 most commong ingredients that cause Irritations to Domesticated Pets, skin and stomach, Corn is hard to digest and causes major skin irritations, and it is the MOST common ingredient in pet food, Especially Science diet, its food containes Corn as the highest ingredient in 99% of there food!

    the best meats to feed to Pets firstly would be Kangaroo, due to its Lean high protein and Organic Game Nature.
    and Rabbit also being Game meat and lean.

    Not to go on and on about Meat, but just wanted to give some info.

    Wouldnt the world be a perfect place if we never had the need for meat and didnt know what it was, and just lived off Vegies and fruit! I wish!!

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