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Torture on demand: BioXpert's contract cruelty

Recently investment company Kadans Biofacilities bought a former animal testing facility in Schaijk, the Netherlands which was owned by MSD (Organon). For years the site was used for cruel toxicity tests on dogs until they stopped in July 2011. Kadans wants to revive this horrific past and rent the buildings to companies like BioXpert. BioXpert is a contract testing laboratorium that will test anything for anybody on any animal.

Please help end this cruelty and send a protest mail to BioXpert as part of our 'Stop Landerd Cruelty' campaign via Thank you!

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/16/13 10:42:36

    3dayz, I applaud your integrity and effort. Having said that I think it will be as successful as say sending an e-mail to a professional fisherman asking him to stop; a womaniser requesting that he desist; or a banker to stop counting gold and spend thirty days on a mountain top in prayer. So, what can be done? Frustration, pain and anger can promote militancy, particularly amongst the young, who think more on an emotional level. In my opinion, and as a former militant, I take the view that such generally does more harm than good. I have faced lines of police in riot gear (outside of Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory) crashing their truncheons onto riot shields shouting at partying mothers with toddlers and pets (it was Christmas Eve) to charge them. Selective photography can even make a peaceful protest look ugly on the tv news. The general public have little sympathy with people they imagine to be rioters, or with anyone who breaks into premises to liberate animals being tortured. Most of the public believe animal testing necessary, not appreciating that for example animals may be blinded simply to test makeup, or that drug testing on animals is totally unreliable as their physiology is nothing like ours. I believe that if say a hundred monkeys are liberated, but the result is bad press then such should not be considered a successful result. Successful widespread change can only come on a macro level, not through numerous micro protests. So how can we invoke positive change? That's a very difficult question as animal testing is very much like advanced cancer - its roots have spread in all directions. Rather than attack the results of the cancer, surely it is better to addresses the various causes of that cancer. There is no simple answer but I will perhaps briefly set out the various causes as I see them: (1) THE COMPENSATION CULTURE. In the USA, and certainly in the UK which followed suit and took it to unprecedented levels, each time a person suffers a mischief they seek compensation. There always being a potential party to sue. Few people are any longer willing to accept life's knocks - someone else has caused their misfortune and should pay. This culture must be reversed, but here is not the place to write how. (2) IGNORANCE. The public just do not know what is going on in these laboratories. The more animal activists (with steel lined stomachs) who can secure work within these laboratories and safely secure photographic and film footage the better. This however is nowadays a very professional operation due to numerous cameras and security staff searches. (3) INSURANCE. Insurance companies and manufacturers should be legally liberated from attacks based on - 'We can sue you. You were negligent as you failed to carry out (unreasonable and useless) animal testing.' (4) DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION: The more of us that can get published in widely read magazines and other literature, pushing out truths and alternatives the better. Those that cannot write well, but who are articulate, get on your local radio. Request an interview.
    Change will only come slowly and by putting in a lot of effort so as to gradually bring the wider public on board. Once on board then politicians are never far behind - promoting new laws which they hope will please their constituents and bring in votes. Need expert help? This is often available via your national vegan society or animal rights group. Good luck.

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