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"Human superiority is no more than a product of our imagination; we see ourselves as above the other creatures only by virtue of our jaded values and arbitrary standards."

"The idea that human life is worth more than the lives of the other animals may be the point of view of some humans, but it is not the view of all humans, and certainly not the viewpoint of the other animals."

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    Posted by VeganD! at 02/26/17 17:29:02

    Many religions do encourage us to believe that the Earth was put here for our personal use. I must admit I feel the planet would be a lot better off without us. However, who knows, one day we may get to prove our worth and save the planet from some cosmic or natural disaster which can only be averted through our unique abilities. It is a shame that we don't see ourselves as guardians of our wonderful planet and all it's incredible inhabitants, rather than mere consumers.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/02/17 18:50:41

    Yes, we may somehow magically save the planet, but it's not cosmic or natural disasters that are currently destroying the planet, it's us.

    Things will never begin to change until humans divest themselves of their immense ego and recognize that the other animals are not only our neighbors and potential friends, but our kin as's not our planet.

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