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Community: Forum: Animal Rights & Animal Welfare

Animal Rights Forum

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The importance of animal rights:

A soccer player of a high level is placed a price on and can be sold for capital. This causes there to be a desire to buy and sell these individuals, as well as retain them and hinder them from leaving the market due to losing capital.

The keeping them in is rather invisible. An example would be filling their homes with stuff and giving them expensive cars in need of expensive maintenance. Sex is also used to addict these individuals and keeping the capital investment chained. The illusion of need is an example.

Its selling humans and on cultural levels partakes in selling females as sex-slaves (like racism) etc.

Why not just inform people that as long as they partake in ownership of beings, they will every now and then be rented out to perform tasks instead of keeping them chained entirely – something that also increases the sickness-levels thereby resulting in increased loss of empathy and increased ownership elsewhere.

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