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I have been asked by my employer to run a TNR (trap neuter release) program for the local cat colonies. On one hand I think it will improve the lot of the cats generally. On the other hand I feel uncomfortable; if we were to place the same human values on cats we would be appalled that forced sterilization and abortions were being conducted on a population.

I am hoping someone can offer sage words/advice that might help to make my position on this clearer (to me).

Thank you.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 11/10/17 22:13:55

    ShaSha--Trap neuter release program is good and better than cat and dog overpopulation. If you need convincing, just visit the local animal control shelter, humane society, or animal adoption centers. So many die without a home or human companion.

    True, we have too many people on earth. But we have birth control methods and in some countries, one child one family rules. That's self imposed sterilization and trying to limit our overpopulation. I don't believe in abortion, but it's
    a woman's right to her own body. If people make a choice of abortion, then live with it and own it. I'm not a female, so I can never know the miracle of a baby inside me. It must be a beautiful experience.

    So for the cats and dogs, I can't say they know the same exoerience as humans. Hope this helps. Do what you feel is right in your heart and mind.

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    Posted by ShaSha at 11/17/17 18:23:44

    Thank you Mountain Mystic. I am absolutely sure that on many levels TNR is a good thing that will benefit the health of cats in our community and you are right, we do have versions of population control in humans. Thanks so much for your feedback :)

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 11/18/17 23:51:45

    ShaSha--You are changing the world and will be making it better through the TNR program you will be running. We are all one on this Earth. It's good to see people of many countries connecting in forums like this one with similar ideas and interests. The cats you are saving will thank you in their own way. I have several cats that have been dropped off in my steep driveway by people that had unwanted and unadopted litters of kittens. I have had all of my cats spayed or neutered. And these cats live a good life--having come to someone who can take care of their food and shelter needs. I call it synchronicity. Or one can call it a happy coincidence. Wish you well in your new TNR leadership role. You are a good person to do this.

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