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The scenario: Karen & Scott's Petition

That’s what I was greeted with, once I identified myself as the owner of the gyrfalcon that had just flown off, clearly hurting. The woman who said this had just attacked my bird, Hornet, who was finishing off a duck we had hunted together. I found Hornet dead an hour later, with a fractured skull and a broken leg.

I adopted Hornet from another falconer who could no longer care for the bird, and had forged a strong bond with him. It was immensely painful when I found his dead body. When I learned the woman would only be charged with a misdemeanor count of harassing an animal, the pain returned.

Raised by human hands, Hornet was trusting and didn’t expect to be attacked by this woman. Help us make sure another falcon and falconer never experience a tragedy like this again.

That was Scot's point of view.

My point of view:
I really sympathize with Karen and Scott. The person who killed the Falcon has done something wrong. But, I would like for people to look at the other side of the coin too. What about the duck that was killed? Who would sympathize with the duck? Would anybody put a petition out for taking a duck's life?

This is the whole point. It's not about whether it's a falcon or a duck. Killing animals of any kind must be stopped. Please read my article

The whole point is people shout about killing a falcon, dog, cat or a horse? But, what about billions of animals killed for food everyday? Who would petition for these innocent animals? Some food for thought.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/18/15 07:12:38

    Well said.

    Here's a little poem that came to me this morning.


    I love cats and I love dogs,
    and even rats and even frogs;

    Cows are nice and fish are great,
    and not just when they're on a plate;

    Snakes are cool and bears are too...
    and not just when they're in a zoo;

    Birds rock and bugs are fine -
    their lives matter...just like mine!

    Some may bite and some may sting,
    but that's just nature, - it's their thing!

    I love babies, - any form they're in,
    and all my neighbors, all my kin.

Keep HappyCow Growing Strong!

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