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I posted this elsewhere on a blog and it's awaiting moderation. I thought I'd post it here as well:

Just came across this. Wanted to post.

I was a vegan for a while, then started working out and studying health related material.

Health food in general is a tricky subject and relies on studies of which change from time to time ie. the protein combining myth.

You can live on a vegan diet just fine. B12, which is the one vitamin that plant sources generally lack, can be gotten from nutritional yeast. A plant source.

Vitamin C is what is used to make collagen, your body’s most abundant protein. Apparently your body makes it when needed. The same with Vitamin A which can only be gotten from animal sources in it’s already digested form (there are 2 forms of Vitamin A). However; the body makes it when needed and converts what you eat into a usable form. Of course, there are other studies that say the opposite.

Really, you don’t “have” to kill animals and you should try not to whenever possible (think of eating your dog etc.).

The cow story that someone posted was kind of funny and a bit juvenile. We are not primates or animals running around by instinct alone and fending for ourselves. Only under severe conditions and ignorance does that really happen. Be bigger then that and don’t take it out on every cow you see. Prejudice much? (just kidding)

I eat mostly plant based diet, but include marine collagen and the occasional egg sourced from practices that don’t promote cruelty and a b12 supplement. That all you really need. Check out Black Cumin seed oil. Plants have a a lot to offer. I also do calisthenics and am gaining muscle through my plant based diet.

The point is Eckhart doesn’t have to eat meat, but takes the “non-stance” that it’s fine. the issue is we still have be somewhat discernible and use our intellect to make choices as we go about our day to day lives. The “not eating factory meat” may just be a thought that we can discard “or” it may be a thought/conclusion we’ve come to through research and experience that we can keep.

It also takes some will power and self discipline (which I guess doesn’t exist so can’t be disciplined)

Really it’s up to yourself and what you choose to do. I think Eckhart has some good things to say and he doesn’t judge which we can probably do in return. On the other hand, he is a spokesman for enlightenment and has sold millions of books, so he might actually be the one to set a better example on the subject of eating our friends.

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