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The Mexican Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) recently seized 3 abused and neglected big cats - Diego, Albert and Guacho - from their so-called caretakers. Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, USA has agreed to provide a safe haven for these cats and to cover all costs of transportation, but Mexican authorities have been reluctant to cooperate.

In the mean time Diego, Albert and Guacho live in different zoos across the country. Unfortunately zoos exist for the entertainment of people and not for the well-being of animals, who are caged and exploited for profit.

Free Diego, Albert and Guacho by sending an email to PROFEPA and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources at

Important: for reasons beyond our control the emails to PROFEPA take up to a minute to send. Please be patient and click 'Send' only once when sending a protest mail.

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    Posted by 3dayz at 08/26/12 08:39:01

    The title should've read: 'Rescued' big cats now in zoos? Free Diego, Albert and Guacho! ;)

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