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Has anyone seen this show? Is it still going?

"Cable station Turner Network Television (TNT) has announced plans to produce a reality show titled "The Greatest Show On Earth" and will feature known animal abusers Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

This "reality" show – essentially an hour-long commercial for Ringling Brothers – will certainly not feature the reality of what animals in traveling circuses endure. The truth is so disguised that it has been exposed to the public only through intense undercover investigations. Viewers surely won't see the behind-the-scenes abuse of elephants, tigers, horses and other animals."

More lies to abuse huh?...

Theres some links at the bottom and addresses so you can let them know this is not right and make it clear its a disgrace to hide the fact that animals are suffering. How annoying they air something like this and totally HIDE the real reality of what happens behind the scenes. Sick.

"Reality show" my a**!!

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