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Please help us stop the horrendous slaughter of whales,
By signing our petition which will be delivered to the
Japanese Government shortly after cut off time. We are
looking to get 100,000 signatures in 90 days and can't do
it without you.
The Japanese have taken to slaughtering mother and baby
these days, all under the pretence of 'research'. DNA samples
can and are being taken from all species of animals, without
harming a hair on them, let alone murdering them. This is
money driven and it is time to stop them.
Please sign our petition at:

It only takes a minute.
These creatures thank you.

Responses (11)

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    Posted by animalsrule at 01/14/10 18:32:12

    Aussie11, I will help you get more signers.

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    Posted by emama at 02/03/10 09:13:33

    i signed and encouraged others to do so as well,this is a really serious issue that needs to be stoped! thanks for making this aware an posting=)

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    Posted by shearwater at 02/03/10 15:51:10

    I agree this is an important issue. If the world is incapable of preventing the destruction of such a large, intelligent, peaceful animal as the whale what hope is there for any species. Unfortunately many governments, including the US, are unwilling to anger Japanese leaders by too aggressively condemning this slaughter.

    Although many Japanese don't support whaling and much of the meat goes to waste Japanese whalers with the support of the government and powerful backers continue their slaughter.

    The whalers target minke, fin, and humpback whales. And they do so in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, a place supposedly set aside as a sanctuary for whales. They claim it's for research. But for all their years of "research" they've produced relatively nothing of consequence except whale meat for Japanese markets. To do this research these "marine biologists(?)" use exploding harpoons then fire bullets as the whale thrashes in agony for 20 to 40 minutes slowly dying. Perhaps the research they are doing is to explore the depths of human capacity for cruelty.

    Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd have stood up to illegal whalers for decades. For the past three years they have prevented Japanese whalers from breaking even financially. It looks like the whalers will lose money again this season despite sending two security vessels to try to interfere with Sea Shepherd's "interference."

    It's possible to follow the action almost as it occurs at with regular commentary by Captain Watson, news reports, and videos. Hopefully as the whalers continue to lose money while the world's attention is focused on their illegal and immoral whaling they will soon, like Captain Ahab, disappear from our sight forever.

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    Posted by animalsrule at 02/03/10 18:39:08

    I posted it on facebook

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 02/05/10 01:48:43

    I signed! Thanks for sharing this.

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    Posted by Lucinda_Vienna at 02/05/10 04:14:15

    I have signed and will encourage my friends and family to do so.
    Thanks for posting this.

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    Posted by shearwater at 02/11/10 12:10:45

    The Japanese whaling fleet is currently on the run and have not killed a whale in nearly a week. In fact they have been chased out of the Whale Sanctuary by two Sea Shepherd ships which have been keeping on the tale of the factory ship preventing them from whaling.

    A few days ago one of the whalers again rammed a Sea Shepherd ship (as can be seen on recently posted video at but did relatively little damage. In fact the whalers may have done more damage to their own ship.

    When governments aren't willing to stand up against illegal whaling it's up to individuals. One way is to sign the above petition. Public pressure really can make a difference.

    Thanks to Sea Shepherd for risking all on the front lines. Thank you also to aussie11 for making us aware of this petition. It helps let the Japanese government know just how isolated they are and lets the Sea Shepherds in the Southern Ocean know we are behind them even if we can't be with them.

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    Posted by HelloPanda at 02/22/10 11:37:40

    I'm signing, and thanks for bringin this up. I donate to Greenpeace and one of their main goals is to stop the slaughtering of whales.
    Riht on =)

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    Posted by cookies and cream at 07/22/10 13:21:36

    i will advertise for this as much as possible. gladly signed
    you are a great person

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    Posted by loosly at 07/27/10 20:58:52

    I will sign the petition. Why doesn't the UN environmental council condemn the Japanese for this horrible hunt that belongs in the past? I wouldn't buy anything Japanese until they stop it.

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    Posted by jive at 07/28/10 05:01:21

    it says "This petition is closed. Thank you for your interest". does anyone else see this?

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