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I heard this story in Africa of patients at an insane hospital that were killed and died, they are the lucky ones, what people go through - their entire lives in psychiatric facilities - in the west is so much worse.

Kept in enclosed environments, only allowed to go outside with observation typically, controlled with medication. Upon being angry; jumped on and forced medication upon, psychologically abused, analyzed day in and day out, hindered from even taking walks in nature/forests, hindered from travel despite having the money available, hindered from sex, hindered from choosing their own lives, hindered from working - every day having to go about doing absolutely nothing of value - a meaningless existence. Hindered from making their own food. People they care for think it is right for them to be in such a situation, people of their group, their clan, their society wants them to be in there. The betrayal is so immense, that is one of the worst of the pains. Hindered from internet access a large part of the time. All this without any judges or legal rights.

And look at what it reminds of:
Horses in stables, cows on cattlefarms, chickens forced to produce eggs, lobsters in aquariums, pigs in those creepy boxes.

Worse yet; they are denied the ability to die - forced to suffer. They are unable to even perform suicide.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 07:27:45

    You know this also happened in England and the United States as little as 60 years ago, right?

    I'm amazed you're talking about this like "I heard this one story that happened in the continent of Africa" ...maybe it's a language barrier, but almost everything you say strikes me as a straight up troll.

    Imma just stop responding to your posts.

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