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Sea turtles use light as a navigation tool, instinctively moving toward light at night. A lighthouse in Florida casts an extremely bright, 1,000-watt light that disorients sea turtle hatchlings and makes them wander inland to their death. The U.S. Coast Guard is currently evaluating the lighthouse. Ask them to take some simple measures to protect endangered sea turtles!

More on this story and what you can do to make a difference (including example letter) at

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    Posted by VeganSally at 04/04/12 10:46:19

    Thanks for posting this! I sent a letter and fwd'd it to my friends.

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    Posted by 3dayz at 04/10/12 16:00:59

    Hey VeganSally,

    Thank you for sending an email and ofcourse for forwarding it to your friends! You'll be happy to learn that in the few months we've been online this action has by far the best response yet with 100's of emails being sent in the past week!

    Thanks again!


    P.S. If you know of an email protest against animal cruelty which you think should be supported by 3dayz, let us know at

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