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You know how "stalled" horses in local areas, especially during wintertime, generate harmful affect on the microbiological area?

The youth, the workforce and the entire local fauna is stressed immensively. You know what happens when humans are in isolation too long; including unable to "air" their biopresence (the microbiology that is closer to a body than clothes).

The theory is that individuals are diverted towards freeing horses, desperately by the local collective consciousness/empathic response system; something inherently tied to our microbiology.

Perhaps even desperately; I remember as a teenager beginning to run around bypassing various legal borders, going just beyond the "legal barrier" and I had been visiting horse stalls/was visiting horse stalls at the time - although I did not free any of them (not strange if attempted sacrificed to do so by the local area).

It is not simply about animal rights; Its about the rights of every human living in an area where animals are being misused or connected by links of fast transmission (such as trade-channels).

We become increasingly stressed (look to the modern normal human, stressed and "in need" of anti-stress medicaments - my theory is that this is due to the excess consumption of non-fair trade (hereunder the non-fair trade of an animal for its flesh, to think pre-farming, winterarea, era and today the simple act of ingesting flesh).

What I fight with, the deepest rational/experience/reasoning that hinders us I have yet encountered:
How do we transition from the step of hunter/gatherer to farmer without fleshfarms resulting and especially continuing as long as they have and manifesting themselves as horribly as they are doing? We are even using beings as tools for testing things like makeup, [(NOTE: semi-creationism bit - people and their perfect creator...) there is something severely wrong with our unfolding process. (Please do not look down on neurodivergents, you are looking down on life itself when doing that....)]

To get back to the stressed environment (poisoned and opening various "security holes" both mentally and biologically - easy targets) then the effect accelerates due to for example dogs and cats unable to leave their environment except with their caretakers (or owners in "lesser" language), meaning they pick up on the harmful microbiology and then that "stress" is increased as they cannot go outside, resulting in that being brought to the workplace of said individuals thus having a severely corruptive effect.

It will not work to move to an area that does not have this as long as they consume from people in such areas (knowledge also brings a connection with it - even the internet; remember receptors and "attachers" (in compatible with trail of thinking language, laying off the non-fair trade knowledge).

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