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Hey, Im not sure of this topic has been brought up on Happy Cow as I am a new member. But just in case it has not been brought up in the past, I just wanted to get the word out about the crulety Iams, the maker of cat/dog foods are doing. Please if you are currently feeding your dog/cat food from the Iams brand, stop. You can visit if you want more information on this topic. But basically what Iams is doing, is conducting horrible tests on dogs/cats for the sake of their company. Any real pet food company who actually cared about dogs/cats would never ever dream of doing something like that. On the website you can also find a list of pet food brands that do not conduct horrid tests on poor helpless animals. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. And please spread the word on the cruelty Iams is conducting. Thank you again

Again the website is

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    Posted by CandyKisses at 09/27/10 21:31:17

    Thank you for your input about iams products;this issue has been going on for many years,even though iams say they have cleaned up their old habits,they have re-entered into yet another cover up where these animals are severely abused by the millions.A few years ago while doctors are telling all their patients they are allergic to their animals,the patients are surrendering these loving animals to shelters, then iams will buy them for the severity & lengthly experiments,some live through it and are returned to the shelters for re-sale.I recently bought a very distraught severely damaged cat,she was frightened to no end.I cried my eyes out for days to see how damaged she really was;animals are injected with diseases to see how they react to them per se as a human being would react or handle the severity of any humans diseases such as cancer,aids etc.this cat has polyps in here ears and was never treated which has now progressed & it has turned into cancer,it has affected her eyes,ears,throat and all her organs,she cannot eat or drink,right now she has a feeding tube,to take her antibiotics and food(s)in liquid form.She is not expected to live very long,I'm just happy that I spotted her & I felt I knew her status before hand ;her ailing body was nothing but thick fur covering her thin skin & bones.At least today I know she will live out the remainder of her years in a happy wholesome home,where she can run,play,catch fly's or butterfly's and when her time is near she can rest in peace & join her ancestors.I now know my own value by giving to another animal,a loving home.No donations because these shelters make very large amounts of money by selling these sad animals to labs for tests.Yes I do vote for Thanks for your time here.My love goes to a precious angel (cat)Zoie

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