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Try reading this and see if you still dont think holistic experiments exist and that animal experiments are a bad idea:

A method to break a terrorist having been indoctrinated to suicide willingness using the fear of hell.

Willingness to commit suicide, kill a lot of people or ignore truth, because of being told and convinced that it is the right thing, whether regarding them as innocent or not, is designed insanity.

Modern treatment is corruptive in nature, as such it may as well find a purpose; freeing them by breaking their locked spirit through temporary immersement in a circumstance.

A person driven by fear of eternal damnation, a fear driving people from family, to suicide, killing a lot of people and probably blowing up earth to an extent of dysfunctionality.
Their behavior is modified by creating a core motivating factor; the idea of hell.

A mental lock used to fuel such behavior has mental dependencies. The Quran is static even if readable in many ways, since they are designed for a purpose.
This means that if being as certain of going to hell, instead of being certain of going to heaven/not to hell/that their loved ones wont go to hell, they would reveal terror networks and even freed from using terrorism to avoid going to hell.

Breaking their spirit temporarily to make them perform at least one corrupt behavior, going from "true to false". Not achievable through pain, various methods can be applied, you'll find plenty in the psychiatry - I can describe more.
Suddenly hell-supporters is the enemy and threat, the fear having been turned around, motivated by the same mechanism to reveal intel and even collaborate.

In such a system where people are used and indoctrinated there is no actual loyalty, love or truth - its a reversible mental lock.

The said individuals can be made to pass this barrier through unconversion and transformed to healthy citizens even if probably under some restriction at least for a while.
It is better than turning people into slaves when they are enemy, its nice towards them and generates gratefulness in the big picture.
An efficient way to gain intel and a contributive factor (their lifestyles bring their advantages with them), in the long run without having to worry about repercussions, to use resources on control or background retaliation.

The caveeat is that we have a lot of Christianity here in the west whom are likely to be fearful of this being put in motion as it poses a threat to any system that drives people through perceptual whipping (fear of eternal hell).

Its a massive security hole on earth and frankly in our deeper container of reality, regardless of how you look at it.

Now imagine the combination between animal experiments and human experiments - I guess racism is an extra negative factor from a human-centric perspective on this end as well although one will always lead to the other.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 07:11:49

    I really don't get the connection you're trying to make here. The early doctors/butchers in Western society were often not Christians, they may have been agnostic or atheist, and human and animal testing and the horrors of Western medicine in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries were often perpetuated by people who didn't believe in God.

    Darwin was actually a religious man. Modern "scientific thinkers" often misquote him or misrepresent him on the Internet. He never ever suggested anything like "only the smartest and best looking survive"...anyone who has taken a college biology class understand that evolution is nothing more than descent with modification, species who adapted to their environment, and it can produce a variety of traits that are selfish or altruistic, or beautiful or alarming in physical appearance. A very ugly person can be brilliant, a very beautiful person can carry disease or mental illness.

    Darwin actually said the love of all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.

    Another great vegetarian and socialist was a Christian, the brilliant Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy.

    Our histories of veganism and vegetarianism globally also tend to be rooted in other religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Taoism.

    So much for your theory, but thanks for playing today. I'm quite certain there's a legitimate stockpile of atheists with autistic dulled empathy or borderline sociopathic personality disturbances working in animal testing.

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