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Almost a year ago was when I first started contemplating whether or not I should go vegetarian, and after watching many YouTube videos I knew that I could no longer live with myself, knowing the truth behind our factory farming and even free-range/organic industries. The reason I went veg was for the animals, the poor creatures who suffer constantly for our greed and selfishness. For school, we were given the task to come up with a persuasive speech for a well-known issue that our world faces today. I thought that this was my golden opportunity to educate my class and teachers on what a factory farm is and how we gain the meat, dairy and eggs that we feed on globally. I deliver this speech in a week and I am feeling pretty confident about the effect it will have on nearly everyone in the class. Its goes for roughly 15 minutes, with short clips and pictures of not even the worse that commences in factory farms.

And after learning even more about the dairy and egg industry, I would seriously LOVE to go vegan, however my parents hardly support my decision to become a vegetarian, they even make me eat fish sometimes because my mum refuses to buy me veggie alternatives :(

I guess the reason I'm writing this is to reach out to those who may feel the same way and who may be going through the same thing- wanting to go vegan but not able to due to the family situation. I would really love a veggie/vegan friend for support :) thanks, elaine383.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 01/27/16 15:45:25

    First of, how old are you and where do you live? Second, why don't you share your knowledge about the factory farming industry with your parents. Show them the videos and facts behind it. Explain to them, if they cared about you and your health, they will allow you to make the choice yourself for a better health and body.

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    Posted by elaine383 at 01/27/16 16:43:53

    I'm nearly 17 and live in Australia, and I have tried to in the past share my knowledge with my parents but they just don't want to here it. It's as if they know that if they listen and learn then they too may become too self-conscious consuming animal products. Yet for my speech I asked my brother if it would be ok to practice on him, he said yes and I asked him what he thinks factory farming is. He had no clue, and after he asked my mum neither did she! I hope that after he hears my speech he'll feel a little more conscious of his decisions and might even be able to speak to my parents about it too.

    It is also because my parents usually buy free range products that they think factory farming and animal cruelty has nothing to do with them. I hope that they can see that this is not the case.

    And thankyou for the advice :) I really hope to be vegan one day! I feel so awful especially about the dairy industry!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/28/16 05:04:49


    When I was a small child, eating the chunks of fat in Campbell's Pork & Beans made me gag. But my father forced me to swallow them, despite by tears.

    John Robbin's father (founder of Baskin-Robbins) pretty much disowned him when John became a vegan and wrote, "Diet For a New America". Only after having a heart attack years later did the old man finally see the light and apologize to his son.

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    Posted by elaine383 at 01/28/16 13:49:55

    Thankyou for those words ahimsa32fa, it is definitely comforting to know that even great men and women have struggled to make this and other transitions without the support of their family. As I have said before, it is very hard to live with yourself when you know the truth. Pouring milk on my cereal every morning almost brings me to tears.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 01/31/16 05:34:09

    Listen kid, just be your self if you wanna be vegan do it. Do not let your parents dictate your diet habits. Tomorrow they will want you to study something you do not want or date a boy you do not like. Just stand up for yourself. Cheers !

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    Posted by elaine383 at 02/01/16 23:14:40

    Ahaha cheers La_diavolo!

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    Posted by Woodoo at 02/06/16 21:32:07

    I support you Elaine! That's so nice that youth now think a lot about world and animals! The number of vegetarians and vegans grows , and that's pretty cool!

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/07/16 04:21:12

    Hey elaine383 any news ?? Did you talk with your parents, is this situation better now ???

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    Posted by JulianneTewheoro at 04/22/16 17:09:13

    elaine383, I completely understand what you're going through, last night I had a massive fight with my mother about becoming vegan. She didn't want to hear any of the facts about live stock farming and completely disconnected from the topic.The most frustrating aspect about all of this is, people can survive and function normally on a vegan based diet, but individuals are so consumed with meat based meals they forget the sacrifices of these innocent animals.

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    Posted by JonParker at 05/18/16 12:05:10

    I am so sorry to hear that you are being put in this position...

    I realize that this post was made months ago; has anything changed? Were you able to inform and change anyone's mind? I truly hope so.

    I am fortunate enough to have a wife that supports my decision to be vegan. She herself knows all that I know but is afraid that if she goes vegan then she won't be able to cook anything with animal products, and cooking is her passion.

    I hope that your parents begin to understand your plight and help and support you in being vegetarian/vegan.

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