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I hope it's ok that my favorite animal friendly website is my own. I run STAY VOCAL (, a reuse company. Our mission is to encourage people to reuse whenever and wherever possible. In addition, STAY VOCAL encourages addressing all manner of ideas that can have a positive impact on our Earth, including animal rights. Our "Put the Gun Down" line is dedicated to providing a voice to those concerned with animal rights and endangered species. Also, our "Adoption...think about it" line encourages the adoption of shelter animals as pets.


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/19/08 18:15:28

    Superb site!

    Your recycled clothes are inspiring - - a new "take" on an old green business!


    2,000+ years of recycling clothes -

    + At Sampul, to the east of the city of Hotan, there is an extensive series of cemeteries scattered over an area about a kilometre wide and 23 km long. The excavated sites range from about 300 BCE - 100 CE. The excavated graves have produced a number of fabrics of felt, wool, silk and cotton and even a fine bit of tapestry showing the face of Caucasoid man which was made of threads of 24 shades of colour. The tapestry had been cut up and fashioned into trousers worn by one of the deceased! +

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