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Please spread the word and lets shut these guys down!!!

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/11/18 06:39:31

    I'm not sure how we can shut down Dolce and Gabbana, which is a luxury fashion house mostly patronized by the very wealthy, and then the upper middle class even on their "cheaper" lines. I am in no position to buy DG so my protest against them would be non-existent.

    Luckily, PETA is on top of it. It only took them 30 years to shut down Barnum and Bailey and Sea World seems to be dying after 40 years. Stay tuned to see if DG will be shut down in the next 20 to 50 years.

    Capitalism sucks, bro.

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    Posted by betterMonica at 04/19/18 14:42:34

    My God! what's going on with this world?! Posted

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    Posted by yourdreamcreator at 04/23/18 06:12:37

    I'll come back again to find out your next article! Good job done!

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