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Are you an individual, grassroots startup or 501(c)(3) organization who advocates for animal welfare, animal rights or environmental concerns? I provide complimentary service to these parties. If you're in need of marketing materials, building a website or need social media setup, please let me know.

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    Posted by Veg4Life75 at 07/11/17 15:26:06

    You can also access my website at :)

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    Posted by milkyaa at 09/13/17 13:09:33

    Hi, I'm a brand BRAND new blogger - so much so that I haven't published a blog post yet. I have designed a site myself on Weebly and have written three blog posts. I am waiting to post them as I literally have no idea what I am really doing. I have very recently started an Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter account, but it is recent enough that I don't really have any followers on any of them so all the tactics that I read on blogs about 'how to promote your blog' will not really work for me.

    I would be very very grateful if you could help me with my blog and help me get people to see it. I started a blog because I want to show how easy veganism is and how there are so many things lying around on the internet that make it seem more difficult than it actually is. I really want to grow the vegan population, but if no one sees my blog I can't really do that?

    Would it be possible to contact you anywhere where I can show you the design of my blog and my blog posts?

    This is exactly the opportunity I have been looking for to help me with my blog as I am 18 years old, just finished school and have a year before I go to university (I deffered my entry so have a gap year) so I have plenty of time to work on my blog to help people become vegan so we can ALL help animals but it also means I can't really spend any money on it becuase I don't have any. At. All.

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