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Are you an omnivore? Or are you a vegetarian strictly on animal welfare grounds? Would you consider eating cultured meat (meat grown in the lab)? Is an animal flesh product that has never been part of a complete, living animal more ethical? Michael Brogan, is doing a survey on the subject for his thesis in Culinary Arts, it takes less than 5 mins if you'd like to ponder the question and help his research. -Rob Dunlop

Please consider taking part in this survey, your opinion is important.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 03/11/13 11:58:21

    I am a vegan. I would never eat meat even if it was grown in a lab. I do think that one of the many things the vegan community should be doing is help make cultured meat mass produced with no animal products (the DNA is still an animal product but other then that. Also the animals shouldn't keep having to give DNA). (i still wouldn't eat it (no vegan would eat it))The reason the vegan community should still support this is because we need to completely eliminate slaughterhouses. If the public switched to this instead of products that came from murdered animals it would reduce the number of murdered animals. Even if this worked perfectly the vegan community still would have a lot to do. Even if we got 100% of everyone on cultured meats or veganism, the people eating cultured meats would probably not not drop other forms of animal murder and abuse. I can think of ways this could backfire too. 1.They might still use other animal products other then DNA in the cultured meat. 2. They might allow cultured meat to be labeled vegan 3. People will think because they do this they don't have to go vegan just like "humane meat" - I think if the vegan community gets involved in this the less likely these things will happen then if only people who are concerned about money are involved. We know that there are plant based meats that we really need to get the public to eat instead of the flesh of murdered animals. The public isn't eating it though because of the propaganda from the meat and dairy industries. They don't want to get into the plant based meat because all the government subsidies make it cheaper for them to murder animals and give the processed corpses to the public. If we got cultured meat cheaper then murdering animals then the meat and dairy industries will switch over and advertise the cultured meat. The public will buy anything society tells them to. If the meat and dairy industries make the switch so will the public. Check out this website for more information about why vegans should support cultured meat If your not vegan yet you should watch Gary Yourofsky's GA speech.

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    Posted by seanubs at 03/13/13 08:28:00

    Nature is made to be left alone not to be played with. When you play god, uncertainties start to increase and this is an inhuman and unnatural form of animal cruelty. You are essentially producing a dead animal from DNA strands that are not meant to function as a dead organism. Those DNA sequences havimg only the ability to produce dead flesh can be devastating to a new level. People eating that would be eating mutagens possibly able to deatroy their entire body.
    As a Star Trek fan, the crews on board these ships get all their food from replicators (artificial food and object cloning systems). All their food is made by a cloning machine but the whole concept is iffy.

    Making something artificially is not natural and it will never be the same as the original. No way is this vegan and omnivores and carnivores will be the scum of this planet after accepting this as a "healthy" alternative to eating meats
    Already I don't understand the concept of free range: its dead either way, an animal died and you think letting he/she die in an environment with more food is going to change anything? You have fear when you eat animals either way. [censored] the norm and [censored] unnatural processing of food. I came here to live on this planet, not to destroy and abuse it.

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    Posted by jive at 03/14/13 02:22:22

    Makes one think. What if they could clone a breed of cows without a brain or nervous system? The animal would not have the ability to suffer. In some regards it would no longer be an animal at all, just a vegetated organism ripe for harvesting. Essentially becoming a vegetable.

    Is that ethical? What right do we have to do this? You cant always explain why something is wrong. Sometimes you have to trust your gut when is says "that aint right."

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    Posted by Babbo at 03/15/13 04:29:50

    I am a vegetarian as I donr like the taste of meat, nor do I like the idea of breeding and killing an animal to just to eat ;-(

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    Posted by Browndog at 07/03/13 08:26:00

    I am fully behind this.

    To seanubs:

    WHo says that 'nature is not meant to be played with'?

    I take it you eat no vegetation that has been bred over the years to be larger,tastier etc but only eat wild roots and fruits because if not then your objection to changing nature is worthless.

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