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I made SOME Animal Welfare people angry by saying there is no such people call meat eating true animal lover.
Many people posted hateful messages to me and said "We eat meat but we are animal lovers."
This is my question to these people.
If people truly love animals, how can they stand to send farm animals to horror of slaughterhouses and cruelly killed?
Of course many meat,dairy, egg lovers deny cruelty in slaughterhouses and livestock farms but when farm animals are born as food animals, there is no way for livestock farmers to respect basic desires of these animals.
How many of you know livestock farmers who let mother animals to stay with their off springs?
In dairy farms, almost all male calves who don't end up in veal factory are thrown in dead pile alive and freeze to death or starve to death while mother cows are frantically trying to find their calves.
Of course dairy farmers deny about this cruely but according to well known Animal Welfare organization, brutlities in dairy farms is common and there is no strict law to protect farm animals.
Shocking cruelty in dairy farms is dark secret and nobody wants to speak about it.

I know true story of mother cow who traveled long distance in unfamiliar country road to find her baby and reunited with her calf.
This story has happy ending because kind woman who bought her calf let mother cow and her calf to stay together by buying mother cow.

Needless to say, that saddest cry of mother cows whose babies are taken away is more than enough to ruin day for normal people.

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    Posted by kassb at 02/17/11 16:23:43

    Well.. I personally agree with you to some extent. I certainly believe that there are some completely ignorant people out there. Most people will say "I love cats and dogs and that makes me an animal lover." Unfortunately, many of these people have never opened their minds enough to realize that all of the other species in the world can suffer as well. I believe I have been exposed to enough animals to realize that all species feel pain and can suffer. I have many ignorant friends that can not fathom that animals can be as mistreated as some of the horror stories depicted in films such as Earthlings or another video made to expose the cruelty that goes on. I don't think it means that they don't love animals, just that they don't want to open their eyes to the possibility that we as humans are generally repulsive.

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