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Saw the "Burger King Cruelty" (above link)on the evening news last night. It made me literally sick to my stomach and so upset and anxious. My heart is still flip-flopping around (I have a heart condition) and my nerves are so on edge even still and I saw this hours ago. That's why I HAD to post it. EVERYONE should see this and then COMMIT TO SAVE THE ANIMALS BY GOING VEGAN!! It's the ONLY way. Cut the demand for cruel, inhumane food and products. PLEASE HELP THESE POOR DEFENSELESS ANIMALS - SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE!

Shocking Video: Burger King Cruelty
Mercy For Animals Exposes Sadistic, Illegal Animal Abuse at Burger King Dairy Supplier

I wrote the following letter to the owners of the Bettencourt Dairy when this undercover animal abuse was video taped:

Luis and Sharon Bettencourt, (Owners)

It is with great sadness that I write this letter to you. I saw the horrifying video on the evening news last night of the blatant abuse of many of the cows at your dairy. It is beyond me what kind of human being could do that to a poor defenseless animal. It makes me wonder if they could do that to an animal, what would stop them from doing the same to another human being? Of course it would have to be a defenseless human being or they might really get what they deserve!!

These "people" are the lowest form of life on the planet. They are cowards and their minds are so twisted and demented. They should be required by law to receive lengthy therapy and a few shock treatments might help them put things in perspective too! I wonder how they would like that? Or perhaps maybe they should be repeatedly punched in their face, or beaten, or repeatedly stomped on when they are down, and then have a chain wrapped around their neck and hooked up to a machine that would drag their sorry ass around. It is unconscionable what your employees have done (for who knows how long) to these poor, docile, intelligent creatures.

This brings me to the question; Where is the supervision of these employees? Or ARE these the supervisors? How is anything remotely like this even allowed to go on? What kind of operation are you running that allows this to go on? If all of this abuse was caught in such a short time span, what in the world WASN'T documented and for how long? It is so appalling and unsettling to me. So what that everyone that is hired by your organization has to sign a zero tolerance of animal abuse or misuse policy when you don't pay attention to what's going on right under your noses to enforce such a policy.

The people that appear in this video should receive the maximum amount of punishment allowed by law. Even that isn't enough. These laws desperately need to be changed. These people should NEVER be allowed to work or be near ANY animal for the rest of their natural born life. They should be treated like the abusers they child molesters and pedophiles, they should have to be entered into a national registry and forever be "branded" an ANIMAL ABUSER.

Such a rosy picture is painted on your website of your facility and the operation of your dairy farm. What a deception. It is nothing more than a house of horrors for all of the animals that trust YOU to take the best possible care of them and treat them with the kindness and dignity that they so deserve. You should be ashamed of yourselves, your employees and your entire operation. Your facility at the very least should be fined (heavily) and investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (which still isn't enough).

I have never been more proud to be a VEGAN!!


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    Posted by Babbo at 03/18/13 03:05:53

    It disgusts me that people like this should be alowed to live!!! They should have their kids and animals put in to care and then be tourchered alive!! It makes me mad that people like this are on this earth.

    I couldnt watch it all and just flicked through, but i am truley disturbed as to what is allowed to happen to these poor animals.
    Thankyou for sharing

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