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Drowning animals Torqued behavior and psychotic teacher in Ocala, Fl. (Dewey Brewton) recruited his students to help him......DROWN a cage as a classroom exercise. NY Post story: So, this metabolizing clump of potting soil retired just days ago to avoid any repercussions. Hey, retirement pay, no more work, etc. All good.....for Dewey. Thought you might like to know some info passed on to me. This info is merely put on the table here (so to speak) for your inspection, nothing else: Zabasearch Dewey W Brewton 8876 NW 115th AVE Ocala, FL 34482 (352) 629-3708 Post Date: 05/20/18, Replies: 0 05/20/18 0
An article about cultured meat Hey all, I wrote an article about cultured meat. I think that this technology may be a good step towards animal rights and environmentalism. I hope you find it interesting: One of the most interesting recent developments in technology and science in my eyes is cultured meat, also known as clean meat. In short, cultured meat products are edible meat products that have been grown in labs. Despite it still being in development, many believe that this promising technology holds many solutions to problems we face today. I first heard about it a few years ago and I made it a habit to check in every couple of months or so, to see how it was developing. Recently, I came upon a petition filed by the US Cattlemen’s Association to the US Department of Agriculture that argues that lab-grown meat should not be labeled as meat. This petition requests that there would be a clear distinction between the two types of products - natural meat and lab-grown meat, so as to not create confusion on the consumer’s side. While I agree with some of the claims and reasoning presented in the petition, I felt that there was more hidden in the petition than an attempt to clear confusion. In it, an explicit contrast was being made repeatedly - a line was drawn between the traditional, old, natural meat and the new, unconventional cultured meat. It felt as if the USCA was looking into the future and seeing the cultured meat industry as a viable competitor that they have to get ready to face. To someone who was watching from the sidelines, it was the first time that I noticed traditional meat growers taking steps to get ready for some competition from this direction. This alone made the whole idea of in vitro meat seem all the more realistic and practical, so I decided to give it a closer look. Let’s start from the beginning. Simply put, cultured meat is meat grown in a lab, to be sold as a food product. The goal is to have meat that is exactly as we know today, except the fact that it comes from a different source. This would allow us to keep our eating habits the way they are now, but in a cleaner, more sustainable way. The idea is to grow only the parts we need and use, without having to spend energy and resources on growing all the parts we don’t need and also avoiding all of the byproducts that can harm the environment (mainly greenhouse gases and pollutants). While the technology is recent, the idea certainly is not. In 1932, an article by Winston Churchill was published named ‘50 Years Hence’. In the article, he speculated on how the future would turn out to be. Mr. Churchill has predicted: ‘we shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium...The new foods will be practically indistinguishable from the natural products from the outset’. Well, this prediction may very well become realized, as research in this field has been done since the early 2000’s, and the goal seems more attainable with every day that passes. The process of culturing meat is relatively simple - take a few cells from an animal, provide them with the right conditions, and they will do what cells do - multiply. The process is done in a machine called a bioreactor, which creates the optimal growing conditions for cell growth (temperature, pH, oxygen levels). A growing medium that contains all the nutrients, vitamins and materials that are needed by the cells is added to the bioreactor. Then, a few cells from an animal are added. These will act as a starting population. Once you introduce all the ingredients to the bioreactor, the cells will multiply and the culture will grow. The fact that only a few cells from an animal are needed, instead of the whole organism, is one of the selling points. Jessica Krieger, a researcher for New Harvest, has said that from the animal’s point of view, this process is ‘more like a trip to the doctor or vet, instead of a trip to the slaughterhouse’. In addition to sparing many animals in the process, there are countless advantages in culturing meat. The main advantages, in my eyes, are in the environmental field. It’s very hard to predict and quantify the effects of culturing meat, and estimates vary, but they all point to a cleaner future. By growing only the meat, and not the whole animal, the amount of energy you have to utilize drops down dramatically - calories that are usually needed for growing parts of the body that we do not consume and use will not be needed. In regards to this, Krieger has said that this process includes ‘only growing the meat, which is less mass to support in comparison to growing the whole cow over its entire life cycle’. The less energy that is needed, the amount of raw materials to provide the nutrients for the culturing process is decreased. That means that cultured meat will allow us to grow the same amount of food while utilizing less land to grow it. These days meat consumption is on the rise and so it serves as a main driver of deforestation and habitat degradation - by using less land, we can slow and maybe even reverse these processes. Growing meat in a lab is predicted to cut down greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15%. That would be a big step towards dealing with global warming. Estimates also show that by culturing meat our water footprint would be softened, as well. These numbers are the hardest to evaluate, as the water that is used to farm animals is different than the water that is required to culture meat. The upsides do not end here, though. Cultured meat is grown in a sterile environment. Thus, diseases that affect farm animals and enter the market through meat will no longer be a problem. Biomaterials that are produced by bacteria and cause food-poisonings will not find their way into our food. Not only will the meat be safer to eat, but we may design it to even be healthier. By culturing meat, we will be able to control its composition and determine the amounts of saturated and polyunsaturated fats in the meat, for example. We will be able to enrich the meat with healthy components, such as omega-3 fatty acid. The shelf life of sterile cultured meat will be much longer than natural meat’s. Much of the food that we grow today ends up unused due to spoilage or simply spoiled because it is not being used. A longer shelf life will lead to conserving great amounts of food, which is unimaginably important. The process of developing the technology is well on its way, and some success has been achieved. Ground beef is made of skeletal muscle tissue, which is relatively easy to culture and samples of it have been cultured to the point where people can actually consume it - we have the technology. Despite that, we are still some way away from being able to just buy it in the supermarket. One of the main obstacles is upscaling the production of cultured meat. Today, we can do it on a small scale - in a lab, a few samples at a time. In order for it to be marketable, we need to sort out a way to mass-produce it. That is not an impossible task, and estimates point at 2021 as a feasible point for production to start on an industrial scale. But that applies to just the easier types of tissues. The harder ones, tissue-structured cuts, like steak, will take longer. These types of cuts require much more specific makeup and arrangement, which is still a challenge today. While technical kinks are being worked out, there’s another significant obstacle in the way - public perception. Many people view cultured meat as an unnatural and unfamiliar alternative to natural meat. It seems only reasonable that a brand new source of food should be, at the very least, suspect. I admit that while I am supportive of this alternative and can’t wait to try it out, I reserve my doubts until I do. Research on this topic has shown that while many people initially reject the idea of cultured meat, once they have had the chance to evaluate the upsides of it they tend to reconsider. Many believe that once cultured meat has been available for a few years and people will get used to the idea, those who have been on the fence about it will find it easier to try. Maybe one day far in the future, we, as a society, will look back at the ‘old’ ways of growing meat and see them as immoral and wrong. Obviously, the most important aspect of cultured meat to many people will be its taste. It has to be as close as possible to natural meat, if not perfectly identical. That has been a focal point in the development of cultured meat. Through its development, many variations and compositions have been tested, to mimic the flavor and texture of natural meat. The ratio of muscle tissue and fatty tissue has been a major factor in controlling the flavor, and running electricity through a growing tissue has the effect that exercise has on natural meat, which makes the texture of cultured meat resemble that of natural meat. To test the quality of their products, ‘meat culturers’ have invited chefs and food critiques to taste their products. These tasting sessions have included the lab-grown versions of beef, duck, fish, foie gras and chorizo, and all of the samples have received top marks. In fact, people who have tasted these samples have said that they can’t even tell the difference. Take these words with a grain of salt, though - many of those who already got to taste the cultured meat samples are active supporters of cultured meat, and may be somewhat biased. The petition that asks for proper labeling of artificial meat makes a point that consumers might end up buying the wrong type of product, due to mislabeling. That is definitely a valid concern, but I don’t think that will be a problem, though. The products that will contain cultured meat will represent a cleaner and more sustainable method of food production and they will be marketed as such. Manufacturers and distributors of these products would want to distinguish themselves from natural meat products as much as the other way around. They would want to make sure that the consumers know that they bought a ‘greener’ item. This would also lend a hand to raising awareness to the problems that clean meat is trying to help alleviate. In addition to that, until clean meat has become a normal part of our life, it is likely to be more expensive than natural meat, and a proper label will explain the difference in price. When I think about it, I can plainly see how weird the concept of cultured meat is, and why not everyone might take to it at once. Meat consumption is a loaded subject already, so adding another layer of questions can’t help. We have synthesized food products in a lab before, but this will undoubtedly attract more attention and scrutiny. Even if the final product will be exactly similar to natural meat in every way, just knowing that it came from an unconventional origin is enough to give it a weird feeling. On the other hand, this technique seems to be within our reach, and many really believe that it might at the very least help minimize quite a few problems. there are many unforeseen obstacles yet to encounter and this technology alone will not reverse all of our environmental woes, but it might be a big step in the right direction. You can find some additional notes in Post Date: 05/12/18, Replies: 0 05/12/18 0
The dog I own goes against all my beliefs. Returning home after school, I was devastated to find that one of the yard chickens had been ripped open. In tears, I found both dogs nearby smelling of blood. The chickens came along with the house we rent. Kelsie & Chip have always been quite aggressive towards other animals, both being farm dogs. Even when living in the city it was apparent they loved rounding things up. Kelsie, 2, and Chip, 5, are the best at late night cuddles and therapeutic moments but when I educated myself on veganism, pets were not something I really wanted to have anymore, I hated the idea of owning an animal. I know that they will try to attack another animal, if they get the chance. They together have roughly (hurt & scared) rounded up wallabies, chickens, cats and insects. I love these dogs, but when I look at them I feel sick to my stomach, I know this is there natural instinct but the shame I feel is indescribable. I bought Kelsie when I was 13 with all my savings, I'm now 16. Chip was purchased as a family dog when I was 11. We live in a remote location (an island) so sending them away is not affordable. Most people where we live are quite rough with animals so I wouldn't trust how they would be treated. The only other option is to put them down. I don't want to do this but I don't want any other animals to suffer. What should I do? Post Date: 05/08/18, Replies: 6 05/08/18 6
Overwhelmed with grief I turned vegan just after Christmas and since then have watched so many documentaries and videos, read so many horror stories, seen pictures, read tweets and facebook updates of animals being abused etc...basically I feel like my heart weighs a tonne and not a second goes by without an image flashing in my mind. I literally can't get over how some people treat animals, I feel physically sick all the time now. The final straw came yesterday when I read about Hanako, the poor elephant who has been locked in a concrete cell (zoo) in Japan for over 60 years. I couldn't stop crying. Basically, does anyone else feel the same or I am a freak!? Does it get any easier to deal with as time goes on? I will continue to donate, speak out and volunteer for animals but I feel it might be at the sake of my sanity! Sorry for the long post I really needed to vent!! Post Date: 05/08/18, Replies: 19 05/08/18 19
Who has a right to keep kittens? Hi all! Good people please help! We have a male cat who had kittens with other female cat. Cat gave birth in neighbours garden and neighbours don't want to give us kittens. Do they have a right to do that? If not, is there any legal way to get them back? Neighbours don't want to give them to us, we already asked them many times :( Please help!!! Post Date: 05/08/18, Replies: 2 05/08/18 2
Brooklyn and NY sticker event Hi everyone, This summer I want to visit all supermarkets in the area. I want to put stickers on all shampoo's and lotions from L'oreal, Dove etc with the text: "tested on animals". With this action I want to make people aware that the products are tested on animals and I hope to put a thought in their mind and awareness. This is going to be a friendly intervention. Is anybody interested to join me? I will provide the stickers. Regards, Brooklyn Vigilante Post Date: 04/26/18, Replies: 0 04/26/18 0
Dolce and Gabbana Accused Of 'Selling Fur Please spread the word and lets shut these guys down!!! Post Date: 04/23/18, Replies: 3 04/23/18 3
Avoiding Veal Hey everyone I'm not very into vegetarian lifestyles so I'll probably never post again. I was vegetarian for about a year and a half but I eventually decided it didn't make sense to me. I've never been OK with veal and I have never intentionally consumed it. Today however I discovered that veal is in gyro meat. Do any of you know where I can find information about avoiding veal so that I don't make the same mistake again? Alex Post Date: 04/21/18, Replies: 5 04/21/18 5
SHARE THIS VIDEO (I finished just in time) Hi everyone! I'm new here. No time for intros right now though, I want to get this video out to as many people as possible. It's an inspirational piece on "speciesism" that I made (and just barely finished in time) in honor of National Animal Cruelty Awareness Week (Apr 15-21) and Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month (all of Apr). Please pass it around, share everywhere, leave likes and subscribe to my channel to help the video gain traction and help my channel grow :) Thanks so much. I'll be back here for a prpoer intro once I get some sleep and catch up on errands lol. Post Date: 04/20/18, Replies: 1 04/20/18 1
Help Support Animals become the Voices Hello to all my Veg Friends , please come together in this fight against animal cruelty and Slaughter ..Let us Become the voices for the Voiceless , Its time to make a difference lets stop talking about it lets do something !! please also like us on Facebook we need your support and more than ever the animals need you more ... Post Date: 04/19/18, Replies: 2 04/19/18 2
Are all animals treated with respect? Hi all! I have been wanting to know -- why do some animals get more respect than others? So let's just say a domesticated household dog or cat, many people love them and would simply adore to pet them. For other animals like giant pandas, many people also classify those as "icons of cuteness" and definitely love them too, so much to the point that the pandas are now "Vulnerable" and not "Endangered". However, what I want to know is that why do some people treat such animals, like I mentioned above, with more respect than other animals, say animals like the Giant Salmon Carp which is critically endangered? I am not trying to cause distress, or unhappiness or am I trolling, but I am generally curious what is your take on this? Do people simply respect some animals (like tigers, dogs, cats, polar bears) more than others, like many species of insects, fish and amphibians? Post Date: 04/04/18, Replies: 6 04/04/18 6
DxE Conference in Berkeley Is anyone else here going or wants to go? Direct Action Everywhere Vegan Conference Berkeley May 2018 Post Date: 03/19/18, Replies: 1 03/19/18 1
Hell in paradise for animals Hello. I am new to this so please do let me know if this is not appropriate. I have a petition for anyone who can sign and share There has been a lot of rumours and guess work as to where Prince Harry and Meghan are going to be honeymooning. The small beautiful island of Nevis in the West Indies is paradise for a lot of people but absolute hell for Dogs, cats, Donkeys and Monkeys. This is the island pegged for Harry and Meghans honeymoon, I doubt anyone would want to buy into this economy if they knew the true horrors behind peoples dogs getting poisoned in their own fenced yards. Its sad but the positive outline is that the that government has responded positively to petition in the past. Post Date: 03/11/18, Replies: 2 03/11/18 2
Share your message with vegan designers Hi there, Tunetoo is a nice website which uses organic cotton and make vegan statement such as : or They are working with Stanley Stella brand. This brand was conceived from a belief that the textiles industry has to start acting a lot more responsibly. Their affiliation with Fairwear Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as our high standard certifications (GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended, OEKO TEX, REACH) prove our commitment to sustainable practices. Post Date: 03/06/18, Replies: 0 03/06/18 0
VeganCare is Crowdfunding! My name is Sofia, i´m from Porto (Portugal) and i´m an activist for animal rights. I created a vegan cosmetic brand with the mission of putting vegan products in the market and help reducing animal harm in the world. I just launched a crowdfunding campaign to reach that goal. In spite of being so far, we share similar ethical values. So, i´m asking if you can support us, by contributing/sharing the link of our campaign: Thank you so much Post Date: 02/19/18, Replies: 0 02/19/18 0
Wildlife Crime Dissertation !! Hi I am a final year Criminology student at Durham University, and also a vegetarian! I am carrying out my dissertation on wildlife crime and I am interested in comparing the views of university students, criminal justice practitioners and environmental/animal rights activists. You do not have to part of any group to take part but all responses would be really helpful for me! Thank you so much in advance if you fill it out. Tierney Post Date: 01/24/18, Replies: 0 01/24/18 0
Animal cruelty on Gambling forum Hi, Im a professional gambler.............. Probably the most famous and largest gambling forum since the internet began is "twoplustwo" which is a site I frequent. Here is a link to a guy who has been cruel to animals/creatures and filming it. I really hope something can be done about it as its really sickening. If you don't want to hit the link you can google twoplustwo then once on the "twoplustwo" site look for the forum "Poker Beats, Brags, and Variance" sub section and look for the thread starting "How is it possible to make a living playing poker?" You will see his first upload in the first reply to this thread. He is a horrible guy and I want the community to know about him/maybe take action against him. Ok thanks for reading, peace, omgroi. Post Date: 01/10/18, Replies: 0 01/10/18 0
Self and Meat Conundrum I posted this elsewhere on a blog and it's awaiting moderation. I thought I'd post it here as well: Just came across this. Wanted to post. I was a vegan for a while, then started working out and studying health related material. Health food in general is a tricky subject and relies on studies of which change from time to time ie. the protein combining myth. You can live on a vegan diet just fine. B12, which is the one vitamin that plant sources generally lack, can be gotten from nutritional yeast. A plant source. Vitamin C is what is used to make collagen, your body’s most abundant protein. Apparently your body makes it when needed. The same with Vitamin A which can only be gotten from animal sources in it’s already digested form (there are 2 forms of Vitamin A). However; the body makes it when needed and converts what you eat into a usable form. Of course, there are other studies that say the opposite. Really, you don’t “have” to kill animals and you should try not to whenever possible (think of eating your dog etc.). The cow story that someone posted was kind of funny and a bit juvenile. We are not primates or animals running around by instinct alone and fending for ourselves. Only under severe conditions and ignorance does that really happen. Be bigger then that and don’t take it out on every cow you see. Prejudice much? (just kidding) I eat mostly plant based diet, but include marine collagen and the occasional egg sourced from practices that don’t promote cruelty and a b12 supplement. That all you really need. Check out Black Cumin seed oil. Plants have a a lot to offer. I also do calisthenics and am gaining muscle through my plant based diet. The point is Eckhart doesn’t have to eat meat, but takes the “non-stance” that it’s fine. the issue is we still have be somewhat discernible and use our intellect to make choices as we go about our day to day lives. The “not eating factory meat” may just be a thought that we can discard “or” it may be a thought/conclusion we’ve come to through research and experience that we can keep. It also takes some will power and self discipline (which I guess doesn’t exist so can’t be disciplined) Really it’s up to yourself and what you choose to do. I think Eckhart has some good things to say and he doesn’t judge which we can probably do in return. On the other hand, he is a spokesman for enlightenment and has sold millions of books, so he might actually be the one to set a better example on the subject of eating our friends. Post Date: 01/02/18, Replies: 0 01/02/18 0
I know things may never change..... I know someone who has a pet-a cat to be exact; all this person has left in this world is the cat. Anyway, the cat needs medical care, and the person (I'll call her Lacie), has called every veterinarian she possibly could, begging for someone to please take a look at the poor thing, and at least stabilize it, and Lacie will make a payment in a couple of days. Every single vet completely refused to consider helping this woman out, demanding payment upfront. Now I am shocked at this, especially because I thought that people became vets to help animals in need of attention. As it turns out, it does appear that vets only care because they get paid to. Lacie did try to apply for a CareCredit card, was denied, asked friends and family, nope; tried taking out a loan, denied. This post may do absolutely nothing to change the system or how people think, but my opinion is this: I think it should be illegal for vets to refuse emergency medical care; just as it is illegal for an emergency room to refuse emergency medical care to humans. Yes, vets have a business to run, but so do hospitals for people. It definitely shouldn't be only about money. Post Date: 12/18/17, Replies: 1 12/18/17 1
Please help me help them, sign and share Hello, I have a petition I desperately need signatures on. I am planning on doing more than just this petition when it comes to all I can legally to save these birds. But the first step is getting 1,000 signatures to start. The story of what is going on is in the petition description. I am the person who created it any questions please feel free to ask. There aren't any dead animals posted to the petition but there is one of a cage not in good condition. I know that it isn't graphic however i figured i would state that. Post Date: 12/18/17, Replies: 0 12/18/17 0
Animal cruelty - shark hunting Hi friends, So I'll just cut to the chase. I'm in Portland, Oregon. This guy that I know that was a friend of mine (or I thought was a friend) went on a fishing expedition. He has been killing and maiming sharks and posting the pics on Instagram like some kind of sick trophy. It's stating the obvious that these massive, beautiful creatures were tortured and suffered horrible, excruciating deaths, left to bleed out on the deck of his boat while he and his crew stood around laughing and taking Instagram pictures. One of the sharks was even sawed in half. I am revolted, disgusted and horrified. I would like to know what can be done to report him for this abuse and to try to do my part to stop this from happening again to any more of these defenseless, majestic animals. My friends and I have set up a very basic website which provides a snapshot of the basic facts and a few screenshots of the images before he pulled them from his Instagram account after hearing outrage from my friends and I and other members of the local animal rights community. The site is Thank you for your support and I appreciate any advice. Daniel L. Portland, OR Post Date: 11/30/17, Replies: 0 11/30/17 0
mandatory CCTV in live transport- petition An extremely well thought out and necessary topic- please sign and share. Need as much support as possible! Post Date: 11/29/17, Replies: 0 11/29/17 0
Uk petition Sign please Thank you Post Date: 11/20/17, Replies: 0 11/20/17 0
Uk petition Sign please Thank you Post Date: 11/20/17, Replies: 0 11/20/17 0
Help our beautiful elephants Hello! My names Mary, and I've created a go fund me for the elephants. I really want to help save them and raise money for their conservation, and well being. I love elephants very much and 10 years ago we have 5 million of these beautiful creatures...Now, we only have 400,000 left. Devastating. Please got to the link, and donate if you can anything helps even a dollar I'm not asking for a huge chunk of money from your pockets just maybe a dollar. It also just helps to share the link for people who would care, and love to donate to this cause. Thank you! Post Date: 11/19/17, Replies: 0 11/19/17 0
T.N.R Quandary I have been asked by my employer to run a TNR (trap neuter release) program for the local cat colonies. On one hand I think it will improve the lot of the cats generally. On the other hand I feel uncomfortable; if we were to place the same human values on cats we would be appalled that forced sterilization and abortions were being conducted on a population. I am hoping someone can offer sage words/advice that might help to make my position on this clearer (to me). Thank you. Post Date: 11/18/17, Replies: 3 11/18/17 3
Our inhumanity I heard this story in Africa of patients at an insane hospital that were killed and died, they are the lucky ones, what people go through - their entire lives in psychiatric facilities - in the west is so much worse. Kept in enclosed environments, only allowed to go outside with observation typically, controlled with medication. Upon being angry; jumped on and forced medication upon, psychologically abused, analyzed day in and day out, hindered from even taking walks in nature/forests, hindered from travel despite having the money available, hindered from sex, hindered from choosing their own lives, hindered from working - every day having to go about doing absolutely nothing of value - a meaningless existence. Hindered from making their own food. People they care for think it is right for them to be in such a situation, people of their group, their clan, their society wants them to be in there. The betrayal is so immense, that is one of the worst of the pains. Hindered from internet access a large part of the time. All this without any judges or legal rights. And look at what it reminds of: Horses in stables, cows on cattlefarms, chickens forced to produce eggs, lobsters in aquariums, pigs in those creepy boxes. Worse yet; they are denied the ability to die - forced to suffer. They are unable to even perform suicide. Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 1 10/29/17 1

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