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Speak up for animals if you believe that they, like human animals, have the right to live out their natural lives on this earth. Post events, share information, & connect.

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Animal cruelty - shark hunting Hi friends, So I'll just cut to the chase. I'm in Portland, Oregon. This guy that I know that was a friend of mine (or I thought was a friend) went on a fishing expedition. He has been killing and maiming sharks and posting the pics on Instagram like some kind of sick trophy. It's stating the obvious that these massive, beautiful creatures were tortured and suffered horrible, excruciating deaths, left to bleed out on the deck of his boat while he and his crew stood around laughing and taking Instagram pictures. One of the sharks was even sawed in half. I am revolted, disgusted and horrified. I would like to know what can be done to report him for this abuse and to try to do my part to stop this from happening again to any more of these defenseless, majestic animals. My friends and I have set up a very basic website which provides a snapshot of the basic facts and a few screenshots of the images before he pulled them from his Instagram account after hearing outrage from my friends and I and other members of the local animal rights community. The site is Thank you for your support and I appreciate any advice. Daniel L. Portland, OR Post Date: 11/30/17, Replies: 0 11/30/17 0
mandatory CCTV in live transport- petition An extremely well thought out and necessary topic- please sign and share. Need as much support as possible! Post Date: 11/29/17, Replies: 0 11/29/17 0
Uk petition Sign please Thank you Post Date: 11/20/17, Replies: 0 11/20/17 0
Uk petition Sign please Thank you Post Date: 11/20/17, Replies: 0 11/20/17 0
Help our beautiful elephants Hello! My names Mary, and I've created a go fund me for the elephants. I really want to help save them and raise money for their conservation, and well being. I love elephants very much and 10 years ago we have 5 million of these beautiful creatures...Now, we only have 400,000 left. Devastating. Please got to the link, and donate if you can anything helps even a dollar I'm not asking for a huge chunk of money from your pockets just maybe a dollar. It also just helps to share the link for people who would care, and love to donate to this cause. Thank you! Post Date: 11/19/17, Replies: 0 11/19/17 0
T.N.R Quandary I have been asked by my employer to run a TNR (trap neuter release) program for the local cat colonies. On one hand I think it will improve the lot of the cats generally. On the other hand I feel uncomfortable; if we were to place the same human values on cats we would be appalled that forced sterilization and abortions were being conducted on a population. I am hoping someone can offer sage words/advice that might help to make my position on this clearer (to me). Thank you. Post Date: 11/18/17, Replies: 3 11/18/17 3
Our inhumanity I heard this story in Africa of patients at an insane hospital that were killed and died, they are the lucky ones, what people go through - their entire lives in psychiatric facilities - in the west is so much worse. Kept in enclosed environments, only allowed to go outside with observation typically, controlled with medication. Upon being angry; jumped on and forced medication upon, psychologically abused, analyzed day in and day out, hindered from even taking walks in nature/forests, hindered from travel despite having the money available, hindered from sex, hindered from choosing their own lives, hindered from working - every day having to go about doing absolutely nothing of value - a meaningless existence. Hindered from making their own food. People they care for think it is right for them to be in such a situation, people of their group, their clan, their society wants them to be in there. The betrayal is so immense, that is one of the worst of the pains. Hindered from internet access a large part of the time. All this without any judges or legal rights. And look at what it reminds of: Horses in stables, cows on cattlefarms, chickens forced to produce eggs, lobsters in aquariums, pigs in those creepy boxes. Worse yet; they are denied the ability to die - forced to suffer. They are unable to even perform suicide. Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 1 10/29/17 1
Holistic experiments and animals Try reading this and see if you still dont think holistic experiments exist and that animal experiments are a bad idea: A method to break a terrorist having been indoctrinated to suicide willingness using the fear of hell. Willingness to commit suicide, kill a lot of people or ignore truth, because of being told and convinced that it is the right thing, whether regarding them as innocent or not, is designed insanity. Modern treatment is corruptive in nature, as such it may as well find a purpose; freeing them by breaking their locked spirit through temporary immersement in a circumstance. A person driven by fear of eternal damnation, a fear driving people from family, to suicide, killing a lot of people and probably blowing up earth to an extent of dysfunctionality. Their behavior is modified by creating a core motivating factor; the idea of hell. A mental lock used to fuel such behavior has mental dependencies. The Quran is static even if readable in many ways, since they are designed for a purpose. This means that if being as certain of going to hell, instead of being certain of going to heaven/not to hell/that their loved ones wont go to hell, they would reveal terror networks and even freed from using terrorism to avoid going to hell. Breaking their spirit temporarily to make them perform at least one corrupt behavior, going from "true to false". Not achievable through pain, various methods can be applied, you'll find plenty in the psychiatry - I can describe more. Suddenly hell-supporters is the enemy and threat, the fear having been turned around, motivated by the same mechanism to reveal intel and even collaborate. In such a system where people are used and indoctrinated there is no actual loyalty, love or truth - its a reversible mental lock. The said individuals can be made to pass this barrier through unconversion and transformed to healthy citizens even if probably under some restriction at least for a while. It is better than turning people into slaves when they are enemy, its nice towards them and generates gratefulness in the big picture. An efficient way to gain intel and a contributive factor (their lifestyles bring their advantages with them), in the long run without having to worry about repercussions, to use resources on control or background retaliation. The caveeat is that we have a lot of Christianity here in the west whom are likely to be fearful of this being put in motion as it poses a threat to any system that drives people through perceptual whipping (fear of eternal hell). Its a massive security hole on earth and frankly in our deeper container of reality, regardless of how you look at it. Now imagine the combination between animal experiments and human experiments - I guess racism is an extra negative factor from a human-centric perspective on this end as well although one will always lead to the other. Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 1 10/29/17 1
Are all animals treated with respect? Hi all! I have been wanting to know -- why do some animals get more respect than others? So let's just say a domesticated household dog or cat, many people love them and would simply adore to pet them. For other animals like giant pandas, many people also classify those as "icons of cuteness" and definitely love them too, so much to the point that the pandas are now "Vulnerable" and not "Endangered". However, what I want to know is that why do some people treat such animals, like I mentioned above, with more respect than other animals, say animals like the Giant Salmon Carp which is critically endangered? I am not trying to cause distress, or unhappiness or am I trolling, but I am generally curious what is your take on this? Do people simply respect some animals (like tigers, dogs, cats, polar bears) more than others, like many species of insects, fish and amphibians? Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 4 10/29/17 4
The dog I own goes against all my beliefs. Returning home after school, I was devastated to find that one of the yard chickens had been ripped open. In tears, I found both dogs nearby smelling of blood. The chickens came along with the house we rent. Kelsie & Chip have always been quite aggressive towards other animals, both being farm dogs. Even when living in the city it was apparent they loved rounding things up. Kelsie, 2, and Chip, 5, are the best at late night cuddles and therapeutic moments but when I educated myself on veganism, pets were not something I really wanted to have anymore, I hated the idea of owning an animal. I know that they will try to attack another animal, if they get the chance. They together have roughly (hurt & scared) rounded up wallabies, chickens, cats and insects. I love these dogs, but when I look at them I feel sick to my stomach, I know this is there natural instinct but the shame I feel is indescribable. I bought Kelsie when I was 13 with all my savings, I'm now 16. Chip was purchased as a family dog when I was 11. We live in a remote location (an island) so sending them away is not affordable. Most people where we live are quite rough with animals so I wouldn't trust how they would be treated. The only other option is to put them down. I don't want to do this but I don't want any other animals to suffer. What should I do? Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 3 10/29/17 3
University survey on vegan fashion Hi everyone! I am conducting a survey for a university project which deals with animal related issues, so if you five minutes to complete it that would be great! There are two more parts of the survey, if you could do those as well it would be even better! :) thanks for reading :D Post Date: 10/22/17, Replies: 0 10/22/17 0
Turtle predicament I recently went to a birthday party and they were giving out turtles as party favors. I took one because if there were left overs they would release them and they aren't indigenous to California. They would either die or cause problems in the ecosystem they inhabit.... I thought maybe I can keep this little guy but then I saw his diet and in their early life they are carnivorous. As a vegan I run into the dilemma of contributing to animal cruelty/ slavery in the farm industry.... I can't take it to a pet shop or pound because if he doesn't get bought or sold they will euthanize him. :( I have no idea what to do! Post Date: 10/14/17, Replies: 5 10/14/17 5
Submissions Pigeon a radical animal reader Hello! Call for submissions, Issue No. 1, 2018 Pigeon is a new radical animal reader published by Sybil Press. We seek experimental, creative essays and literary works on the topics of animal rights, liberation, veganism, environmentalism, post and transhumanism, to name a few. We understand animal in the larger sense, from the human-animal to the monarch butterfly, and we are open to speculation on cosmic life and artificial intelligence. In the spirit of “no gods; no masters,” contrarian paradigms and critiques are desirable. Pigeon is a hybrid discourse surrounding animal beings and being animal in the networked age. Consider Giorgio Agamben’s critique of the anthropological machine and the caesura between human and animal; or media representation of carnism and the Sexual Politics of Meat, described by feminist-vegetarian Carol J. Adams; as well as the intersectionalism espoused by Marjorie Spiegel in The Dreaded Comparison; and what place does the animal have among the cyborg?; we may also ask, as Jacques Derrida does, “Since so long ago, can we say that the animal has been looking at us? What animal? The other. I often ask myself, just to see, who I am—and who I am (following) at the moment when, caught naked, in silence, by the gaze of an animal, for example, the eyes of a cat, I have trouble, yes, a bad time overcoming my embarrassment. Whence the malaise?” Please e-mail a 300 word abstract as a PDF with contact information to [email protected] by Halloween, October 31st, 2017. Subject line: animal abstract. Half of all sales of Pigeon will be donated to animal welfare/rights/liberation organizations, with the remaining half used to cover costs and the making of subsequent issues . Post Date: 10/08/17, Replies: 0 10/08/17 0
Link: Child abuse and animal treatment So considering how political, way-of-life, racial and neurodivergence racism all is grouped under racism for a reason; because it builds on the basic fundamental pattern, then consider this: What is the effects of gassing unwanted chicks that cannot produce eggs, of slaughtering calves to produce calf-skin and meat and what else may be done to animal "children" on what we normally refer to as child abuse? Post Date: 09/30/17, Replies: 1 09/30/17 1
Polish govt fights battery cage ban Post Date: 09/23/17, Replies: 1 09/23/17 1
Experiments on Animals I am extremely bothered by animal experiments and testings. I go on for days and weeks, continue thinking about it. I just recently saw pictures of monkeys used on experiments for head transplants. I can't imagine, the extreme of suffering and death inflicted on these innocent beings. Why are we doing this? Its so senseless, and it doesn't help us humans solve anything. Has anyone had any experience in writing letters and who do you write letters to demand to stop this nightmarish acts? Post Date: 09/13/17, Replies: 12 09/13/17 12
Custom Print and Web Design - Free Service Are you an individual, grassroots startup or 501(c)(3) organization who advocates for animal welfare, animal rights or environmental concerns? I provide complimentary service to these parties. If you're in need of marketing materials, building a website or need social media setup, please let me know. Post Date: 09/13/17, Replies: 2 09/13/17 2
The invisible affect of animal slavery The importance of animal rights: A soccer player of a high level is placed a price on and can be sold for capital. This causes there to be a desire to buy and sell these individuals, as well as retain them and hinder them from leaving the market due to losing capital. The keeping them in is rather invisible. An example would be filling their homes with stuff and giving them expensive cars in need of expensive maintenance. Sex is also used to addict these individuals and keeping the capital investment chained. The illusion of need is an example. Its selling humans and on cultural levels partakes in selling females as sex-slaves (like racism) etc. Why not just inform people that as long as they partake in ownership of beings, they will every now and then be rented out to perform tasks instead of keeping them chained entirely – something that also increases the sickness-levels thereby resulting in increased loss of empathy and increased ownership elsewhere. Post Date: 09/11/17, Replies: 0 09/11/17 0
Lacking animal rights harm human rights You know how "stalled" horses in local areas, especially during wintertime, generate harmful affect on the microbiological area? The youth, the workforce and the entire local fauna is stressed immensively. You know what happens when humans are in isolation too long; including unable to "air" their biopresence (the microbiology that is closer to a body than clothes). The theory is that individuals are diverted towards freeing horses, desperately by the local collective consciousness/empathic response system; something inherently tied to our microbiology. Perhaps even desperately; I remember as a teenager beginning to run around bypassing various legal borders, going just beyond the "legal barrier" and I had been visiting horse stalls/was visiting horse stalls at the time - although I did not free any of them (not strange if attempted sacrificed to do so by the local area). It is not simply about animal rights; Its about the rights of every human living in an area where animals are being misused or connected by links of fast transmission (such as trade-channels). We become increasingly stressed (look to the modern normal human, stressed and "in need" of anti-stress medicaments - my theory is that this is due to the excess consumption of non-fair trade (hereunder the non-fair trade of an animal for its flesh, to think pre-farming, winterarea, era and today the simple act of ingesting flesh). What I fight with, the deepest rational/experience/reasoning that hinders us I have yet encountered: How do we transition from the step of hunter/gatherer to farmer without fleshfarms resulting and especially continuing as long as they have and manifesting themselves as horribly as they are doing? We are even using beings as tools for testing things like makeup, [(NOTE: semi-creationism bit - people and their perfect creator...) there is something severely wrong with our unfolding process. (Please do not look down on neurodivergents, you are looking down on life itself when doing that....)] To get back to the stressed environment (poisoned and opening various "security holes" both mentally and biologically - easy targets) then the effect accelerates due to for example dogs and cats unable to leave their environment except with their caretakers (or owners in "lesser" language), meaning they pick up on the harmful microbiology and then that "stress" is increased as they cannot go outside, resulting in that being brought to the workplace of said individuals thus having a severely corruptive effect. It will not work to move to an area that does not have this as long as they consume from people in such areas (knowledge also brings a connection with it - even the internet; remember receptors and "attachers" (in compatible with trail of thinking language, laying off the non-fair trade knowledge). Post Date: 09/09/17, Replies: 0 09/09/17 0
Animal Law Hi everyone ! Do you know Universities in Animal Law ? I'm a law student in Geneva, Switzerland and I would like to be a lawyer in animal rights, but there is no opportunity to study it in Switzerland. Thank you ! Post Date: 08/18/17, Replies: 5 08/18/17 5
Is this zoo in Japan cruel? Share to make a difference! Post Date: 08/17/17, Replies: 3 08/17/17 3
Italian Restaurants that don't serve veal I really enjoy pasta. It's my favorite food and I love some good veggie pasta and wine and a great Italian restaurant. However, I recently made the decision I don't want to eat at restaurants that serve veal, and unfortunately so many Italian restaurants do. So I thought I'd see if I could ask the all-knowing crowd about Italian restaurants that do not have veal on the menu? I'm in the Bay Area but I'm sort of interested in generating of list of veal-free Italian restaurants all over the USA, if not the world. Thanks! Post Date: 07/17/17, Replies: 8 07/17/17 8
Deceptive "cruelty free" product labels Be careful of deception when shopping for cruelty free products. Ive been advised by the "Choose Cruelty Free" organisation Australia that any company can state on their packaging that they dont test on animals regardless if its true or not. There is no law against it. I know....pathetic isnt it?!! Only way to be 100% sure is to buy from companies endorsed by CCF as they are completely thorough and strict with who they allow on their list. They told me that even PETAs list is not reliable as they are very lax with verifying the companies on their list are indeed cruelty free (including suppliers, ingredients etc) In saying this its still better to choose from PETAs list than no list at all. Im not aware of the endorsement procedures of other cruelty free lists but you may want to check ones you are using to ensure their process is up to scratch. I shop strictly from the CCF list now. It narrows down selection a lot but ld rather have less selection and be sure lm not hurting our furry friends. Heres the CCF list. Download the app or ask them to send you their printed list. You can contact them with queries about any products. They are so keen to help consumers trying to do the right thing. Post Date: 07/08/17, Replies: 4 07/08/17 4
Help us with our documentary about donkeys Happy New Year! We are currently working on a documentary film called Donkey Paradise. The documentary is about a small donkey sanctuary in North Spain, which is operated by Marleen and the great help of volunteers. The sanctuary takes care of abandoned and mistreated donkeys that live their lives last moments at the sanctuary in a safe and warm environment. This is the part where we need your help. The film is not ready yet and we still need funding to shoot more material and finish it. In able to do this, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund the finishing of the film. There you can read more about the story, about the team and view our demo film, which was edited from the material already filmed. In exchange for your help, we offer good perks such as your name at the ending credits, the right to view the film when it is ready or the title of Executive Producer depending on the amount you choose to support the film. Even the smallest amount counts. The documentary presents one story that can be tied to a larger picture. In our society animal rights are often being forgotten and people living in cities are losing connection to animals, other than common pet animals. The interest towards animals is still the same and many have started to work in promoting and bringing animal right questions in front of the larger audience. Animal sanctuaries and rescue homes are in a crucial and concrete role. We, as documentary makers, aim to help to raise awareness in issues concerning our relationships with animals and working animals by presenting a touching and beautiful story in a cinematic way of one change-making place. Here’s the link to the campaign page: We also have a page on Facebook: Thank you! We need all the help from animal lovers like us! Spread the word! :) With kind regards, Michelle Orenius Donkey Paradise -documentary Post Date: 07/07/17, Replies: 1 07/07/17 1
What A Fish Knows Just finished reading Jonathan Balcombe's latest book, "What A Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins". A wonderful follow-up to his classic, "Second Nature: The Inner LIves of Animals" (2010) Post Date: 07/07/17, Replies: 1 07/07/17 1
Peta against leather industry I think we can't stop animal cruelty by becoming vegetarian alone, if we could stop using leather made items like shoes, bags, wallets, belts could help to stop rising the demand and thus can work against it better. Please raise your opinions here Post Date: 07/07/17, Replies: 5 07/07/17 5
I designed an animal t-shirt for awarness What do you guys think of the design? More info here: Post Date: 07/07/17, Replies: 1 07/07/17 1

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