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Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Slovakia

Slovakia (220 listings)

Slovakia Travel Phrases:

  • English: Vegetarian (adj)
    Say: Vegetariánsky (m)
  • English:
    Say: Vegetariánska (f)
  • English:
    Say: Vegetariánské (n)
  • English: Is it vegetarian ?
    Say: Je to vegetariánské ?
  • English: Vegetarian (person)
    Say: vegetarián (m)
  • English:
    Say: vegetariánka (f)
  • English: I'm a vegetarian
    Say: Som vegetarián/ka
  • English: Vegan (adj)
    Say: vegánsky (m)
  • English:
    Say: vegánska (f)
  • English:
    Say: vegánske (n)
  • English: Is it vegan ?
    Say: Je to veganské ?
  • English: Vegan (person)
    Say: vegán (m)
  • English:
    Say: vegánka (f)
  • English: I'm a vegan
    Say: Som vegán/ka.
  • English: Vegan restaurant
    Say: Vegetariánska reštaurácia
  • English: Vegan restaurant
    Say: Vegánska reštaurácia
  • English: I don't eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, honey.
    Say: Nejem mäso, ryby, vajcia, mliečne produkty a med.
  • English: Does it contain animal ingredients, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, honey?
    Say: Obsahuje to zivočíšne zložky, mäso, ryby, vajcia, mliečne výrobky, med

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