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Watch: John Pierre, Celebrity Fitness Guru, Exercise and Diet Tips

John Pierre


At Southern California’s ‘Healthy Taste of LA’ event this November, the Cows met up with John Pierre, celebrity fitness guru who has worked with such celebrities as Ellen Degeneres and Emily Deschanel.

John Pierre is a nutrition and fitness consultant who has devoted over 25 years to helping and improving the lives of others through his expertise in the areas of nutrition, geriatrics, fitness, green living, women’s empowerment and cognitive retainment and improvement.

His new book, The Pillars of Health, introduces four principles that provide a strong foundation for vibrant and lasting health: nourishment from real food; creative stimulation for the mind; joyous physical movement for the body; and a spiritual philosophy focused on compassion, love, and peace.

Watch our interview and learn simple exercises and tips to improve your life.

For more info see: http://www.johnpierre.com

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