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The Vegan Sex Shop

Happened to me again yesterday. I was tired, irritable, impatient. I ordered tomato and avocado on toast. The server walks away and I realize that I forgot to specify no butter. Part of me just sat and hoped that the chef would guess I didn’t want butter. Part of me knew I would have to wave him down and explicitly say it. I waved him back to the table, thankful I had remembered.

And the experience got me thinking about the days when I will forgo shopping all together. I won’t eat out, I won’t purchase anything unless it has a very large vegan badge that calms my nerves and allows me to continue. It’s a silly thing to do as most people are friendly and helpful enough that there really isn’t a reason to avoid simply asking for what you want. However, too often people simply don’t know. If they’ve never needed to ask how was this made, what’s it made of and what were the processes used they’re simply unlikely to think of it.

But it’s not always at a restaurant where you’re forced to wonder and ask – is this cruelty free? Am I sure it’s suitable for a vegan like me? Shoes, alcohol, food – all of these pose a question mark. And thanks to a small group of activist, we’ve now got an answer to a very intimate question – where can a vegan go for a sex toy?

Well, the vegan sex shop of course.

Although there’s a small product range, it’s a start for one stop shopping. They’re not selling vegan marketed products, that is they’re not selling something designed specifically for vegans including the inflated price that usually comes with such specialty items. Instead they seek out the most popular toys and discuss with the manufacturer exactly how is this made and what’s it made of. And once they’re satisfied, they bring it all together in one place so we can shop until we drop with an entirely clear conscience.

And if that weren’t enough – six percent of your shopping goes to a charity of choice: PETA, Vegan Outreach, Code Pink and Human Rights Campaign.

Happy shopping friends. And if you’ve got any other sites or products, let us all know in the comments. (And, no, they don’t all have to be sex toys).

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