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Environment/ Veganism

Veganism And The Drought

Did you know that cutting just one beef hamburger out of your diet can save 1,300 gallons of water? Maybe you did, but a lot of people don’t. Here in California, we’re suffering from a severe drought that will likely change our state forever. If you’re yawning and dismissing this as unimportant because you’re not from this increasingly arid state, think again. Nearly half the fruits, vegetables, and nuts grown…

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Health/ Nutrition

What Is Health?

What Is Health? Sometimes when you hear a word too many times it can lose its true meaning or power.  Words like LOVE or AWESOME are good examples of this but perhaps one of the most overused words is HEALTH, or to BE HEALTHY.  We all know inherently that to have it is a desirable goal but what are we really talking about when we refer to health?    To a…

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