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Just a Pack’s Vegan Travel Tips for Andalucia


Having come from Barcelona, a veritable vegan heaven, Andalucia was a bit of a culinary desert for a traveling herbivore. It’s a region in Spain well known for tapas (small plates of food) which mainly consist of pork, beef, eggs, or some other animal based product. No need to skip Andalucia though. With a bit of research and planning you won’t starve. Plus there’s always Sangria…which does have fruit in…

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A Vegan Booklet of 1655 – ……don’t think about ‘almost five o’clock’!

Roger Crab (born approx. 1621 – died September 11, 1680). Roger is the very first non-Asian ‘vegan’ / pure plant eater that we have come across to date in our research. Roger Crab was a very bizarre Englishman – he was – undefiled with blood – see below for his full epitaph. He was living a very ‘alternative’ & ‘close to vegan’ lifestyle more than 350 years ago. Roger had fought in the Parliamentary…

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The Innocents

It is enormously tragic, that the defenseless, the harmless and the gentle sentient beings from whom we might have learned so much, who would have trusted us, and by whose acquaintance our lives could be so much enriched, are rewarded with imprisonment, torture and slaughter. I am often reminded of, and haunted by, a post to the HappyCow blog on July 30, 2011 from Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati. The piece, entitled “Bruno: A New…

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To “V” or Not to “V”

Photo credit: Ambro There has been a lot of discussion, buzz, arguing about whether or not we should use the word “vegan” or the word “vegetarian” in our outreach and discussions.  Some folks say that using the “V” word (vegan) turns people off and we should just say “vegetarian” because it is seen as less “extreme”.  While cooking at the meditation center I go to, I was told I could…

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…look, do yourself a favour and don’t bother with vegetarianism – go vegan

Updated – Tuesday September 9, 2014 Kabaret at Karamel On HappyCow – here. From FatGayVegan. London is getting a brand new 100% vegan venue that is part restaurant, part drinking establishment and part late night music hot spot. Yep, that’s right. After years of waiting, the capital has a 100% vegan bar and I couldn’t be happier. Kabaret is set to explode onto the scene from September 1st, 2014 and London better get…

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