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Sea Vegetables

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For Love Of Sea Vegetables

When you think of sea vegetables what comes to mind?  Is it the stuff that makes sushi a nice and neat little package on your appetizer plate or maybe the seaweed sold as snacks for $1.00 a pop?  How about the slimy-looking stuff that washes up on the beach along with broken sea shells and the occasional jellyfish or (God-forbid) fish hooks? Unlike the Japanese and other Asian countries that…

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Superfoods you should be eating right now with recipe

We’ve all heard the buzz word “superfood”. It’s all the rage right now. Different companies are finding exotic things to market as the next big thing, but what about good ole whole foods you can find right in your local grocery store? No need to go far to find some of the most powerful foods around. Here are some of my faves you should be eating right now including a…

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