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Exotic Tropical Green Smoothies

Exotic Tropical Green Smoothies

My Exotic Tropical Organic Green Smoothies are the easiest health solution yet! You can bond with friends and family while blending, and you never know what wonderful health improvements you can expect from adding organic greens to your life! Directions: 1.) Add to a blender the following (high powered blender is best because you really need high power to liquefy the greens): 1 cup organic liquid (organic unpasteurized fruit juice, organic…

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Organic Pineapple Express

easy pineapple smoothie

Pineapples are full of Vitamin C and manganese, which are good for your bones, among other nutrients! Delicious clean eating! I’m not a big fan of blended or juiced fruit. I give different guidance on this depending on the person and their blood sugar issues. However, if you’re drinking soda, beer, or eating refined sugar, then this is probably a fantastic upgrade!     ORGANIC PINEAPPLE EXPRESS Ingredients: 1 sweet organic pineapple* 12 filtered…

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Valentine’s Day Taza Chocolate Factory Tour

chocolate factory taza tour

February 14th, Valentine’s Day. It is said that this romantic holiday is named after Saint Valentine, who was a priest in 3rd century Rome. Marriage was outlawed by Emperor Claudius II, as he believed that men who were single made better soldiers than married men with families. Valentine broke this law and married, eventually being discovered, thrown in jail and sentenced to death. He then fell in love with his…

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Worm Castings for Your Garden

What are worm castings and why are they important? Let’s start with a definition. Worm castings are simply undigested material, soil and bacteria deposited by a worm. There’s even a word for it: vermicompost. Vericompost means organic material that has been composted by worms. In other words, worm manure. Why are worm castings important for the home gardener? For one, they are biologically safe, contain no pathogens and are an…

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