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Vegan Lebanese Spread

For one of my recent get-togethers, I decided to try my hand at Lebanese dishes. Lebanese dishes are mostly meat-based, but one can easily choose vegan options, and I did manage to put together a vegan dinner menu. MENU Tabouleh salad Hummus dip with carrot, olives and khaboos Pizza with labneh (wrap style) Falafel Baklawa (bought ready) SHOPPING LIST 1/2 kg Chickpeas One head lettuce Parsley- 3 bunches Paprika powder – 1 packet Radish- 1 bunch…

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Mujudarra, A Reflection on Lebanese Cuisine

Mujadarra is a Lebanese rice pilaf that’s made with lentils, rice, onions, and garlic. The Arabic name sounds much more attractive than the English translation which is “small pox.” This dish got its unfortunate name from the appearance of the round lentils against the white rice. Variations of this dish are found throughout the Middle East. In Iran where the locals speak Farsi instead of Arabic, this dish is known…

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