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Veg(etari)an Marketing – promotional flyers – from 123+/- years ago.

. Members of  The London Vegetarian Society in 1891. (1) . Vegetarianism defined – circa 1890 ~ …….. growing slowly but surely to be a great factor in raising and purifying its age. It points towards PERFECT HEALTH. It points towards GENTLENESS, KINDNESS, HUMANENESS. It points towards SELF-CONQUEST. It gathers up the seeds that have been scattered by sages ever since the world began, and the jewels that are to…

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… a country in reverse… snippets of a former… japanese vegetarian history… a country where vegetarianism prevailed

Mitsuru Kakimoto of the Japanese Vegetarian Society writes: “A survey that I conducted of 80 Westerners, including Americans, Englishmen and Canadians, revealed that approximately half of them believed that vegetarianism originated in India. Some respondents assumed that vegetarianism had its origin in China or Japan. It seems to me that the reason Westerners associate vegetarianism with China or Japan is Buddhism. It is no wonder, and in fact we could…

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