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Thanksgiving Around Los Angeles

Native Foods Thanksgiving Wellington

Thanks to you and all HappyCow visitors during Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, a family feasting holiday celebrated in the United States, centered historically (and unfortunately) around a large roasted turkey, is happening soon. Vegans and vegetarians work hard to introduce their loved ones to compassionate veg* options, and are often challenged to survive a carnivore-centric holiday socially with family and friends. You can use HappyCow to find a restaurant with like minded people,…

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Dining/ Events

Sunday Funday: Vegan Happy Hour Church of Seitan at Verdugo Bar

Sunday Funday: Vegan Happy Hour Church of Seitan at Verdugo Bar

This past week there have been a slew of local vegan events near where I live in Northeast Los Angeles. I’m not sure if there are always this many awesome things going on or if I just started looking at the right time. Unfortunately I did not hear about Mohawk Bend‘s Authors Worth Celebrating event with Isa Chandra Moskowitz until after the fact, though I would have loved to have attended. Actually, the knowledge…

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Veggie Festivals Sweep the Nation!

I’ve been to vegan festivals and conferences across the nation as both an attendee and a speaker. You can find them in almost every large city in the country and they continue to grow! Vegan festivals are even in Texas of all places! The last one I attended and spoke at was the 2nd Annual Texas VegFest in Austin where I currently live. Austin is pretty hip and progressive with…

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Events/ Veganism

The Second Annual Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

Vegan bake sales combine a time-honored, well-liked tradition with vegan outreach. They’re a fun and effective way to raise funds, introduce the public to delicious vegan food, and—in many cases—engage in productive discussions about vegan diets and broader vegan issues. The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (WVBS) takes the vegan bake sale concept further by having a large number of bake sales during the same short time period-–two weekends and the weekdays…

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