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Vegan Diner and Recipe for Chai Spelt Pancakes

One thing I’ve noticed in my travels is people love their diner food. It’s a food craze you could say opposite of gourmet fancy pants food. We love our greasy spoons in America. Thankfully, as vegans we have some tasty and healthier options available to us across the nation. Spiral Diner right here in Central Texas comes to mind, as well as the very popular Chicago Diner and Saturn Cafe…

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Dining/ Restaurants

Top 5 Places to Take New Vegetarians

With the recent US and Canada premieres of the documentary Forks Over Knives, many of your non-veg friends are wanting you to take them to the best vegetarian restaurants. When someone is just transitioning to the veg diet, I think it’s important to take them to a restaurant that has something familiar to them. Do they live in the south and love comfort food? Take them somewhere that has vegan…

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