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3 Easy Vegan Microwave Meals (Dorm Room Friendly)

We’re really excited about this recipe video from Caitlin Shoemaker because it’s so practical and budget-friendly! Caitlin shares 3 creative vegan dishes that can be made super fast in a microwave, which is perfect for college kids in dorms (or for any time you’re just not in the mood to use the oven)! These recipes are all different but use the same ingredients, which makes it easier and cheaper to buy…

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College Dining Options

When my 20-year-old son who is now a sophomore at a selective college in Maine became seriously scoping out colleges the last year and a half or so of high school, the tedious into college rankings, SAT or ACT requirements began in earnest. Upon mentioning an online Princeton Review dining rankings, a relative of ours mentioned that food shouldn’t play a factor in the selection process, however it is an…

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