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Five Things I’m No Longer Skeptical About Going Vegan (Plus GIVEAWAY)

When I went vegan it was overnight. I pretty much went to bed with chicken wing sauce on my fingers and woke up pressing tofu. In fact, my whole vegan saga is the subject of the new book The Skeptical Vegan (Skyhorse Press) coming out at the end of July. (Make sure to read through to the end for a GIVEAWAY!) I was the last person on the planet that you’d…

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The Best Vegan Dishes From Around The World (Plus GIVEAWAY)

In English-speaking countries, where a typical meal consists of a piece of meat and two vegetables, people often wrongly imagine that vegans must live on a diet of mushy peas and mashed potatoes. In other parts of the world, however, plants play a much more prominent role in the native cuisine. From Asia to the Middle East to Africa, most of the world’s traditional cuisines are largely plant based and…

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Why You Need To Read Proteinaholic Even If You Don’t Eat Meat


Do you feel confused by all the conflicting health claims about diet and nutrition? Even if you are well-versed in all the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet, all it takes is for some smooth-talking champion of the Paleo fad to post an article claiming that saturated fat and cholesterol are good for you, and it’s easy to let a glimmer of doubt creep in. Even if you don’t really…

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Expanding Your [Vegan] Library!

Expanding Your [Vegan] Library!

“When you know better, you do better.” –  Maya Angelou If I were to teach an intro to Animal rights, these are probably the books that I would choose to have read from front cover to back. I believe that as an animal activist, you need to keep yourself very familiar with animal rights literature. You will always feel more comfortable talking about animal rights with people when you’re well versed in the matter.…

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