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Meatless Monday/ Recipes

Meatless Monday: Simple 2-Ingredient Salad

Happy Meatless Monday, everyone. Have you ever considered mixing these two together? Give it try! Two Simple Ingredients Salad Ingredients 1 fresh corn on the cob 1 cup (250ml) fresh blueberries, washed Method Hold the corn perpendicular to your cutting surface and cut straight down releasing all of the kernels. Place them into a bowl with some fresh blueberries, and you have a two ingredient dish that needs no more…

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Health/ Products

Grape Skins and Blueberries Aid Health

  What is Resveratrol? Resveratrol is a substance that can be found in grape skins, blueberries, pomegranates and several other plants, and has found to benefit health in a variety of ways. There is a lot of hype around resveratrol and for good reason. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol antioxidant that is categorized as a phytoalexin, an antimicrobial compound that is produced by plants to protect them from rough…

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