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So-Yah! So Good!

Over the weekend, I visited my local Japanese market Marukai Mart to load up on my favorite Asian goodies. In the tofu section, I found these new ready to eat soy noodles from the brand House Tofu. They are called So-Yah! Tofu Shirataki noodles in two flavors: Red Vindaloo Curry and Creamy Coconut Curry. I brought the Vindaloo for lunch today. The dish was very tasty but a little bit spicy for my taste. I generally enjoy spicy foods but this was on the spicier side. The portion was also small so I did have to eat with something else to be full (but there was plenty of sauce left for dipping my bread in). The texture of the noodles takes getting use to as its a little crunchy. If you want a spicy snack and need a soy alternative to regular noodles, this is a great option! I am excited to try the Creamy Coconut Curry tomorrow.

Creamy Coconut CurryFrom the manufacturer: House Foods is preparing to launch So-Yah!, a new line of gourmet, ready-to-eat product. First So-Yah! series is Tofu Shirataki noodles in two flavors: Creamy Coconut Curry and Red Vindaloo Curry. So-Yah! Tofu Shirataki product series is an MSG and preservative free, vegetarian meal with less than 200 calories per serving that is microwavable and ready in minutes.
As appreciation and awareness of tofu grows, the House Foods’ So-Yah! brand will expand to include its soy product lines to meet the interest and demand of the health conscious American consumer.

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