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Robin Quivers’ – “gone vegan”.

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Howard Stern’s longtime sidekick shoots straight on living on the
Jersey Shore, losing weight as a vegan & loving her radio days

It’s shortly after 9 in the morning, which means Robin Quivers’
internal clock is probably striking around noon.

There have been two unchanging constants in Quivers’ life since
kicking side with Howard Stern some 27 years ago. One is arising at an
ungodly morning hour for the purpose of helping millions of fans
overcome the drudgery of a morning commute.

Quivers, 55, is also flourishing on the personal side. Adopting a
strict vegan diet, the golden-throated broadcaster has dropped nearly
70 pounds in the past year — and rarely goes an hour without getting a
compliment for it.

Quivers got started with The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox, which
serves as a cleansing process through the consumption of specialized
drinks that mix supplements, vegetable purees, herbal teas and
distilled water. Not to mention the occasional coffee enema.

Once cleansed of her toxins, Quivers went completely vegan. She
regularly “juices” for breakfast and might have another at lunch with
a small salad. These organic juices, mixed with nutritional
supplements, can contain beets, celery, carrots, cabbage, kale,
romaine or apple juice.

Because she finds herself more energetic as a vegetarian, Quivers has
no problem shaking off the abuse that might come from her dozy
co-workers. It’s the criticism of her diet from some in the medical
community, who find the approach too radical and the diet lacking
protein and fiber, that she finds irritating.

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