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Rights Revolution

Last night, Oct 23 there was a historic event on CSpan 2: A third party debate.

Watch it here
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Why is this just a momentous occasion you may ask? What’s the big deal and what does  political rights have anything to do with animal rights issues.

Regardless of your personal political affiliations, the fact is that there is a major media bias favoring the democratic and republican parties. Any other viable candidates that are those who have ballot access in the majority of states have very little if any media coverage. Instead there is focus on rhetoric and attempts at humor such as talk of applying cosmetics to animals, which is of no laughing matter at all.

How can society know the plight of animals when political election equally has not been close to being achieved?

We as citizens have got to stand as a united front on to speak up to the powers that be-media and cooperation’s to peacefully insist that the injustice must move aside so that the voice of truth and justice can be heard at long last so that all sentient beings needs may be met.

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