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Quinoa & Kale – a lovely vegan spoof – by Dr. Couscous

Quinoa & Kale – a lovely vegan spoof by – Dr. Couscous aka Keith Allison.

spoof – noun – a humorous imitation of something, typically a film or a particular genre of film, in which its characteristic features are exaggerated for comic effect.

It is much, much, much nicer than Dr. Seuss’ original book from 1960 – (Vegan) Green Eggs and (Vegan) Ham.


Keith Allison – a self introduction

22 November 2013

Becoming a vegetarian in 1998, I had convinced myself that I had stopped contributing to the cruelty of raising animals for food. In October of 2011, after stumbling across some disturbing images of the dairy industry, I spent an evening researching online. What I discovered was shocking for me. Cruelty and death are not absent but abundant. It took about a week for a few cravings to subside and new cravings to replace them. People always think it is so hard being a vegan, and it is, but not for the reasons that first come to mind. Cooking, baking, and finding things to eat aren’t hard for me at all. In fact, I enjoy food more now than ever before. What makes being a vegan hard is watching so many others around you continue to contribute to immense cruelty and destruction and finding it so hard to help them care enough to change.

Quinoa and Kale began as a dinner table conversation. My son Spencer (9 years old, 8 at the time) mentioned Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham.” Then, after thinking for a moment, he said we needed to come up with our own version “because we don’t eat ham and we don’t eat eggs.” Before we had left the table, we had come up with our title. We went to the living room, grabbed the computer, and began to type the story. My son Brady (11 years old) decided we needed a vegan name to use as the author and independently came up with Dr. Couscous. As I began to type it, the boys went off and did their own thing but would check back on it as I wrote it. We are pleased with the result and hope you enjoy it. We also hope it helps lead some people to begin their own journey of looking at the role they can play in bringing more compassion to this world and less harm to the animals, the planet, and each other.

Keith Allison is a father, a pacifist, an elementary school teacher, and a vegan artist and activist.


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Quinoa & kale – what a gorgeous combination!

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Enjoy the image!


~ Kale Salad | Kale, Quinoa, Pumpkin Seeds, Orange, Roasted Beet, Flax Seed Vinaigrette ~

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